Ashton Kutcher Shocks Ellen with Huge Donation

Ashton Kutcher Shocks Ellen with Huge Donation

Ashton Kutcher made a surprise visit to the show, and shocked Ellen with one of the biggest donations to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund to date.

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73 Responses

  1. Jayden Kouli says:

    Ellen deserves this most in the world

    • Reikan Production says:

      You didn’t understand me, Tay. I never said she was gonna keep the money for herself.
      I only said there are better people in this world than her, but they aren’t as mediatized as her so we don’t get to know about those people.
      Ellen seems to be a really kind person, but using a superlative to describe her is wrong in my opinion (the most), that’s all.
      You just completely didn’t catch my point…

    • brandon smith says:


    • Adoredbyothers says:

      Reikan Production so because she’s already rich she doesn’t deserve anything? It’s not about the money because it’s not going to HER it’s going to her wildlife foundation. Im sure she’s going to put her own money into it but having other people give and SUPPORT her cause it’s why it’s well deserved. smh

      Besides why do people who donate money need to be known? You don’t donate to get famous or for people to call you a good person, you donate for who and what needs it. Being famous has absolutely nothing to do with it. She gives all the time without asking for anything in return and that’s why her FRIENDS gave her that. Just like any other non-famous groups of friends would. Don’t sell her short because of the label that’s on her forehead. She deserves this donation for her Gorillas just like anyone else. Just saying.

      And sorry if I came off bitchy but..well..

    • Reikan Production says:

      Why don’t people get my point ? I am not a native English speaker but I think I express myself clearly enough…
      I have nothing against her gaining much money.
      I have nothing against her giving X or Y amount of money.
      I have nothing against her gaining fame because of doing charity.
      I have never said she doesn’t deserve that donation.
      I ONLY said that she doesn’t deserve it THE MOST IN THE WORLD.
      Please, read carefully.

    • MsButterFlySting80 says:

      Reikan Production I think I understand your point. I am not trying to make you feel defensive, so please hear me out.
      Why everyone else here is becoming defensive is because they 1. Care about Ellen & her charity(ies) 2. This is a surprise video of a few of her friends who care of her so much so that they’ve raised a sizable amount to donate to her particular charity. Because of the fact that she gives to over 50 charities, without asking for anything in return or for that matter, for help (if any or at all, idk tbh) 3. Take this analogy: a grandparent suffers a horrible event which causes them to raise their 3 grandchildren, into adulthood. They, along with their entire family decide to throw a family reunion/75th birthday party for said grandparent that includes the most luxurious cruise they could afford. All are happy, giving gifts, celebrating, some are giving toasts. One toast may have the words, “I wish you the best the world has to offer/I wish you all the best in the world”
      Your original statement is akin to the random party goer saying that grandparent doesn’t deserve the same. Does this make sense?
      Again, I’m only trying to clear that up, am in no way trying to put you on the spot or cause you pain in any way. Cheers to all.

  2. Jayden Kouli says:

    She’s always thinking of others so for this to happen to her is incredible

    • Natasha S. says:

      First of all, she has been obsessed with saving the gorillas for ages. It is her wish and that is what she wants to do, so she should do it. Secondly, humans have ruined 83% of the nature on this planet so far. Also, it is too many of us. Each of us pollute this planet by breathinh only, let alone medications, gas, clothing, plastic, etc…and the clock is ticking towards lack of food and starvation of the human species. And yet, we constantly just breed and continue to destroy the planet. Finally, and most importantly probably, the extintion of any spieces, would it be animals or plants, is fatal for many other spieces depending directly or indirectly on the one in extinction. It has been proven that due to the extinction of the dodo bird, sprounting seeds and thus trees, animals, insects and birds relating on the seeds, are going extinct. Think about it, without all those nature creations, we humans are about to be extinct sooner rather than later.

    • Gerald Regalio says:

      Basically this guys just want’s to save the human race and being all racist to animals.

      Just be happy for ellen for helping people and animals.

    • bokey777 says:

      Oh really? Detached from reality? Gorrilas and other animals are on the brink of extinction and then you talk about that being a propaganda, but keep on and say that there are many of them in zoos? Let me tell you, as a graduated and working biologist- the gene fond of the animals we have in zoo’s is never- NEVER enogh to restore the genetic variation of the specias to reintroduce in wld habitats, because, 1, they are almost all relatices and interbreeding them most probably won’t be succesful in many generations, and 2, it’s not the point of having an animal in zoo for you to go and satisfy your curiosity and see what they look like. Every specias on this planet has it’s on place in ecosystem(s) and loosing them on a population level can bring devastating consequences in our environment. You and me, and all those people in Africa, everyone in the world, will be the ultimate victims of the careless behaviour in the end. The whole point of preservation IS for all of us to continue living. And we have to do that, because humans are the main factor today for global warming, polution, and all those extinction events taking place right now. We killed dodo. we killed the tasmanian tiger. We killed the white rhino this year. They’re not coming back.
      As for putting animals in fron of peole- nobody’s doing that. But if there’s nobody taking care of what’s going on with them, and every single dolar goes to a single cause, we’ll be gone during our lifetime. So yeah, come at me with the talks like that’s all propaganda, and I’ll show you receipts- many, many scientific research on the subject. The only one who is brainwashed in the end is you, and those like you who deny the negative impact we as a species have on the planet.

    • Nutz4Lutz3624 says:

      Leonardo Milan YOURE detached from reality. Reread your first few questions. Saving gorillas is the compassionate and right thing to do. Its your ENTITLED opinion that you’re better than animals. They would never even speak the way you speak. Its mind blowing that you think of yourself so highly. Everything that happens to humans is because of humans. Society did this to themselves. Gorillas are innocent and do nothing harmful or wrong. WE ruined them. I also have a very hard time dealing with how many children there are suffering in this world. But that doesnt mean one problem is bigger than another. WE ALL DESERVE TO LIVE. youre statements are incredibly ignorant

    • Reikan Production says:

      Humans are unique creature ? Yes indeed, they are the first specie to actually destroy their own environment.
      There are animals disappearing each year while human population keeps growing.
      I think there are already way enough humans on Earth and we should therefore help more the animals.

      You see humans are the peak of evolution, but maybe some people don’t share the same opinion.
      We are so materialist and shallow. We are all the time behind a screen instead of enjoying nature (and I am not an hypocrite, I am also one of them, otherwise I wouldn’t be replying here). Look how many people are depressed. The % of the population taking anti-anxiety pills, etc.
      Humans are more like the gangrene to me.

  3. Hybrid Trap says:

    ripple plug ftw

  4. Top Pops says:

    how could 223 people dislike a video like this?

  5. Saskia Chandranathan says:

    By her not jumping up and down or something, you can tell how much this means to her. This is truly amazing guys! 🙌🏼😍💕👀 She deserves this more than anyone!!!!

  6. That Texas Fam says:

    Lol I don’t get why the women were excited this man has a whole wife and kids lol 😂 nice man thoooo

    • Targreed Asaad says:

      Whole wife? I though he only had a quarter of a wife?!
      Haha jokingg

    • PONYBOYonline says:

      I mean you can still be excited to see your “celebrity crush”. It’s not like you expect to actually be in a relationship with them.

  7. Carmen Plusaben says:

    My teacher used to have Ashton as one of his students. He was like if I knew he would become famous I would’ve kept his papers. He said it so casually too😂😂

  8. Jungle Inc says:


  9. Night Frost says:

    can ya’ll quit being salty that it seemed like an advertisement?
    to give that amount of money they’d have to get at least something back
    it’s still huge and generous

    • Brockman174 - says:

      Night Frost with all that being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with business decisions. Advertisement or not he donated 4mil(before fees). Both the company and charity benefit! Woo

  10. barry allen says:

    Today’s my birthday! Can I get a like?

  11. Aries Yuangga says:

    And then people start buying this coins in the future! Nice advertising Ripple Team! 🙂

    • Dope Pope // StevenShotMe says:

      Aries Yuangga most of her audience probably doesn’t understand cryptocurrency and probably won’t get into It if they did. Granted you can make a quick easy buck if you did.

    • Hope Willie says:

      If you need money, you have to spend money.

    • Olivier Malenfant says:

      already invested, was so happy to hear that from a celebrity on this kind of show !!

    • Nafana says:

      Dope Pope // StevenShotMe it’s not meant for her audience, it’s meant to go viral, which is what will happen. After which an increase in their crypto coin would mean 4mil is pennies.

  12. Nsubuga Rajab says:

    Ellen DeGeneres i kindly request you if you’re going to donate in wild life Africa please also visit my home country Uganda. Thank you!

  13. Kirstie Roche says:

    This is the most amazing video 😍 Now this should be viral !!!

  14. YourPOP says:

    Hey everyone, guessing this won’t reach Ellen, but: I created a podcast called YourPOP (your pursuit of purpose) on YouTube. It is a platform for underserved and underprivileged individuals to speak on their excellence, successes, and struggles. Ellen I would love to have you on and I would love feedback from you all! ❤️

  15. Jennifer A says:

    She was speechless and that’s hard to do to Ellen. She fumbled around for the right words to say.

    • Cheryl B says:

      And it was beautiful to watch.👏🏻🎁🌈💸

    • J Worth says:

      And the tears in her eyes. Wow–that was really moving.

    • katestrange says:

      Isn’t it so cute when she fumbles because she’s always such a professional about everything! It’s so very cool that she is now getting to understand what her lucky viewers or guests feel like when she gifts them with money and/or presents 🎁😍

    • David Lape says:

      Jennifer A Everyones a paid actor.😙

    • Leonardo Milan says:

      it was very well staged Jennifer. She i have been told that a friend of mine wants to talk to me blah blah.. Course she knew who is there, this tv shows never being made without discussions of every detail, every word, every movement , don be naive

  16. Zuver says:

    Ripple is an amazing company bringing positive change to the word through the crypto currency called XRP.

    • Zuver says:

      Ripple wouldn’t be able to bring this change if XRP didn’t exist. They could still improve the money transfer system but not to the degree they can with XRP.

    • Dope Pope // StevenShotMe says:

      Mobintage theres nothing to dissect I’m just stating its Ripple behind it not XRP. That’s just a product of Ripple.

    • Dope Pope // StevenShotMe says:

      Zuver tough to say because if Ripple created and holds majority of XRP in the millions the money was brought into Ripple but hard to argue if their tech was the means for funding or XRP was.

    • Zuver says:

      XRP is not a product of ripple. XRP existed before the company Ripple even did. They also didn’t make XRP.

    • Dope Pope // StevenShotMe says:

      Zuver do you even try to Google? They both were launched in 2012 because XRP was created by Ripple. At this point I give up on tryna inform ya..

  17. Legendary Vogue X says:

    I’m really crying right now 😢

  18. Georgia says:

    I expected it to be like half a million, maybe a million. But 4 million. What a great company!

  19. M Jaclyn says:

    Omg! 😢❤😍

  20. Komal Hans says:

    * sobs hysterically *

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