Asian Parent Punishments: Emotional Damage

Asian Parent Punishments: Emotional Damage

#Asian #Sketch #Emotionaldamage

Welcome to Failure Management. With some these tips and some practice, you will soon be managing your failure like a pro.

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Steven He

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31 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    I think we can all agree that Steven He’s way of saying “emotional damage” is so iconic at this point.

  2. PrizMatex says:

    This man owns the word *Emotional Damage* and no one can prove me wrong.

  3. X3LITExX says:

    You know watching this kinda reminds us of “Emotional Damaged” scenarios we all had as kids especially My introverts (which I am)

    • Ikaika Martin says:

      He died by WHAT!?? E-MOTIONAL, *DAMAGE* ????? -Steven he “when Asian is a difficulty” (I will send you to heaven)

  4. sleepy says:

    I can imagine the job interview being like this-
    “You’re 9 years old, why are you applying for a job?”
    “I’m Asian.”
    “Understood, carry on.”

  5. Folabina says:

    I heard that kids all around the world are now using Steven’s EMOTIONAL DAMGAGE as a weapon to defeat their parents.

  6. Francesca W says:

    can steven please do a video about when asian parents find out their kids are dating?! Lol , it would be hilarious… Thanks Steven for another great video!

  7. Darshpal X-A #58 says:

    Man has done it again, he knows everything, he’s taking full advantage of the emotional damage meme went viral. Sir you truly are amazing

  8. fat boi says:

    Thanks to you, my entire school is now repeatedly saying “emotional damage” whenever someone says the word emotional. Which is a lot. Thank you Steven.

  9. Default Cube says:

    as an asian kid i cannot stress how relatable this is and just how much i want to hide this video from my parents

  10. Benedict Hilton Setiar says:

    Steven’s dad has achieved the “ Professional Parent Punisher “ achievement 🥇 🎖 🏅

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