Asian’s Got Parent (ft. Steven He & Uncle Roger)

Asian’s Got Parent (ft. Steven He & Uncle Roger)

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36 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Steven He and Uncle Roger are two of the funniest content creators out right now I swear

  2. Samuel Kim Music says:

    We are living in the era of Steven He and Uncle Roger. Za besto Asian Content Creators around!!!

  3. Ulysses M. says:

    I’m not a parent yet, but I’m still stealing the “B’s make honey, A’s make money” line for all my younger family members. That line needs a T-shirt.

  4. Museumbackpacker Go says:

    As an Asian doctor who happens to play music, I approved this. No matter how crappy you study in the uni, if you are a doctor, it is fine from the cousins’ view. (except for your mom… in that case you’re never good enough:;) )

  5. Samwise Gamgee says:

    _”You’re not gonna be as good as Yo-Yo Ma”_
    Yeah, especially considering Yo-Yo Ma is a cellist and not a violinist. 🤣
    This skit had sooo many great lines. “Where’s the MSG in the music?” is something I wanna say to a musician someday (in a joking way ofc). 🤣

  6. Jeenie.Weenie says:


  7. Niki inBaltimore says:

    LOVED this! So fun to see collabs like this. Just be yourself; unless you can be a doctor, then definitely be a doctor.

  8. Alaktu Sarratum says:

    I love that Nigel is just like I’m a doctor and instant Asian parent approval. If ever you get the chance to do an Arabian version of it let me know I’ll give you all the tips.

  9. Anna Bessert says:

    Couldn’t stop laughing while watching this. I love you the sense of humor you all have. Great “performances.” 🤣

  10. steven lu says:

    As a medical student (in Asia), I can say that this is 100% accurate.

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