Ask Me Anything! #Shorts

Ask Me Anything! #Shorts

Emilee Dummer ➤
Kelly Jensen ➤
Claire Anne ➤
Amelia Rosenbalm ➤

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18 Responses

  1. PowWow Animations says:

    What’s your most favorite frame of animation that you’ve ever drawn?

  2. waterkapow says:

    Question: What has been your lowest point in your animating career, or your highest point?

  3. Bossler 57 says:

    Question: When’d you realize you wanted to be an animator/youtuber?

  4. Benjamin Hynek says:

    Question: how long can you do your “animated “ voice for before your throat gets sore?

  5. TRBXLA says:

    Random Question That Came in Mind: can James solve a rubik’s cube

  6. WigWoo1 says:

    Do you have plans to create your own show with original characters someday as opposed to the life story style videos?

  7. oPots says:

    Question: How did your friends and people you know react when they found out about your youtube channel.

  8. Jazmine Stroud says:

    Question: What is the most embarrassing/awkward moment you remember with another person and/or youtuber

  9. M Charizard says:

    My question is:

    Which video of yours, according to you, was the most difficult to write the script of and how much difficulty you had while making it?

  10. Himaanshi gahlot says:

    Question: how did your parents/family react when u told them u wanted to be an animator?
    What is your reaction when u look back at your first animation?
    Something you want to tell your younger self?

    PS. You’re the best, u inspired me to draw 🙂

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