Ask MKBHD V8: Tesla Model 3?!

Ask MKBHD V8: Tesla Model 3?!

Q&A about a new studio, Tesla Model 3 etc!



Neil DeGrasse Tyson Interview:

Clik Jet Pack Elite 15:

OnePlus on Massdrop:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


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20 Responses

  1. Scott Franzen says:

    Was I the only one that saw the random Cheerios box in the background? ??

  2. TheAndroidBro says:

    Can you paint yourself white so we can see the white version of you?

  3. Ziyue Wang says:

    Is the nexus 6p still worth it?

  4. Mitch Reid says:

    Heh, Marques is getting an IRS audit.

  5. Justin Slaven (J-Sharp) says:

    The next google nexus phone….what do you think the next company will be
    to make it….what features do you think it will have…what do you think
    will stand out…and when do you think it will come out

  6. Mingmar Lama says:

    r u still using nexus 6p because u hav already got the galxy s7 edge

  7. philophos says:

    Wait, do you just have a ton of tech around that you alternate in using, or
    do you gravitate towards like using just a particular phone, or do you just
    get rid of stuff, or what? I’m a new subscriber, so if what he does with
    all the tech is common knowledge, please school me, older subscribers

  8. CharliePetersonTv says:


  9. Spencer Swift says:

    Best Android themes? Would you be interested in making your own theme?

  10. Mihir Kanani says:

    Will you ever visit India

  11. Mark Ladyshev says:

    Is RED RAVEN worth it (money)?

  12. Nando Champloo says:

    what keyboard is that its sexy

  13. theowlsofouterheaven says:

    MKBHD, do you still use smartwatches? I don’t see you wearing any lately.
    I’m still using the LG G Watch. Hype has worn away, but I still find it
    useful in my daily use.

  14. Sonu Roy says:

    which degree have u finished in university? Btw, this is my 2nd sem going
    on now.

  15. Jason “Jasey” Kay says:

    Does Cheerios secretly sponsor you?

  16. Jed Bergowitz says:

    ah man! I wanted to know if Honey nut cheerios is a sponsor

  17. Goodcat007 says:

    Says he’ll hang around in comments and answer questions.
    Doesn’t hang around, and answers almost no one.
    Gotta confuse the viewers, right babe?

  18. Impala Productions says:

    hey MKBHD, I fucking loved your intro today. Ironic storytelling there
    haha, clever

  19. Relja Zitic (Reljoslav) says:

    Can you do a room tour, as well as setup tour and gear tour, when you move
    into the new office? :D

  20. Esrelith says:

    what audio interface was he using?