Hope you enjoyed watching something a little different.. I haven’t been this vulnerable and felt so nervous making a video before but here it is… Lana’s Instagram: @LanaBlakely and Thomas: @ThomasBrag

Thank you to Norwegian Airlines for being so convenient and letting us book Lana a ticket last second. Love ya

If anyone out there is struggling with a heartbreak or has become closed off emotionally for whatever reason… Just realize that the first step out of it is to start trusting again. I hope this video can maybe inspire some of you out there to realize that it does get better and that you cannot let your fears make you miserable forever. So go out there and choose love over fear my friends.

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We believe in challenging what society considers normal. So we seek discomfort to find our own way, to grow and to fulfill our true calling. And we make videos about it.

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64 Responses

  1. Yes Theory says:

    Hi everyone! This is Thomas, super strange for me to put up something like this for the world to see but if this can somehow inspire some of you who might be closed off like I once was.. Then it’s worth it. Much love to you all!

  2. Hugo Eneergy says:

    Outro song : Until the ribbon breaks – My love

    You’re welcome.

  3. Fortnite Goat says:

    Is it me, or do they all have new crushes every week? Like I imagine a chart they have of crushes they have on certain days! Lol love the videos though.

  4. Yazeed Alobaid says:

    I love yes theory but damn they been doing a lot of dating vids!!

    • Yazeed Alobaid says:

      And by that i dont mean i dont like them im just saying there is a lot of them

    • Kelsey Holland says:

      They are all young very attractive men at the point in their lives where they are looking for love. For men ( like Thomas said) being vulnerable and opening up to love is the greatest discomfort one can know. They are still staying true to the yes theory and wherever saying yes leads them in life which right now happens to be in a romantic direction. I wish them every happiness in that effort.

    • Kangaroo Jack says:

      Its a good thing they are. Most people’s biggest fear/insecurity is being rejected by the person they like/have a crush on. I think these videos can(and have) help a lot of people.

  5. John Selwan says:

    Huge respect for thomas

  6. Luke G says:

    I know it’s edited but I like to imagine she said “for sure” and Thomas legit just hung up 😂😂 Thomas is so cute, love you guys!

  7. Clo ze pro C says:

    “Don’t worry guys yes theory is not going to turn into a dating channel” ofc mat ofcourse mat… though love when u guys open up to us subscribers

  8. NZBackyard Cricketer Bre Massive JK says:

    When she sits on his lap. Get in bois

  9. jed michael villanueva says:

    I liked the girl just by watching. She’s a keeper carl 👌

  10. Nathounski says:

    Inspirant ! Bravo !

  11. khairul Leon says:

    *Shes cute :)* , you r lucky man

  12. Sailesh Das says:

    I couldn’t stop smiling the whole video. I’m so happy for you dude and I don’t even know you

  13. Dante226288 says:

    You know what, I will walk up to that girl who I think might like me!

  14. Eleanor says:

    im watching this at 3AM, in the dark, eating chocolate truffles…. LIFE GOALS

  15. e e says:

    She kinda looks like Jessica Jones 😍

  16. prettyboigochy 2424 says:

    That ain’t know crush thats a full fleshed girlfriend right there.

  17. 加藤みずっち says:

    Get Ammar a date please !!

  18. Hammad Ali says:

    At the beginning you can just see how prominent Carl’s emotions were. Safe to say it wasn’t easy for him to talk about his insecurities with the world.

  19. MunkyChunk says:

    9:27 It’s Matt’s Australian “friend”

  20. Asaf KHAN says:

    Lana is Anal spelled backwards
    Bet you didn’t know that

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