Asking My EX-GIRLFRIEND Piper Rockelle To Be In The CRUSHIN’ REMIX Music Video! 🎥🎼 | Gavin Magnus

Asking My EX-GIRLFRIEND Piper Rockelle To Be In The CRUSHIN’ REMIX Music Video! 🎥🎼 | Gavin Magnus

Hey guys, Gavin Magnus here, and today I am asking my ex-girlfriend Piper Rockelle to be in the Crushin’ Remix official music video! Since you guys got the Crushin’ Remix teaser to 1 million views, as promised we are going to release the official song on August 13th, and I told you guys that I would also ask my ex-girlfriend Piper to be in the music video, so thats exactly what we did…And to make the music video even crazier, we also asked Piper’s best friend Elliana Walmsley if she would be in the music video too! What do you think Piper and Elliana said when I asked them? Do you think they said yes or no? Stay tuned to find out! Love you Goat Fam!

#CrushinRemix #ExGirlfriend #PiperRockelle

Crushin’ Remix drops on all streaming platforms on August 13th!!!!

Crushin Remix Teaser:

Tuesday Music Video:

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Filmed & Edited by:
Brian Hartwig

Facebook: @GavinMagnus
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Twitter: @GavinMagnus1
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40 Responses

  1. The Paparazzi Gamer [TPG] says:

    This is gonna be so good.

  2. Hārdijs Everts Šlikaitis says:

    I wasnt following gavin and piper when they were together but im still so exited….im screaminggg….😹😹❤️🔥🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥

  3. pip pig says:

    gavin, lev and elianna could all be siblings!!

  4. Fiona Dhamija says:

    No one:
    Ellie: I will only so it if I get to do my random flying leap in the back 🙂

  5. Ashley B says:

    I dont know if anyone else could tell but I could totally see how nervous Gavin was about asking piper

  6. Maddy's Channel says:

    Did no one notice how Gavin said “we should give her a heads up cause isn’t it weird that I’m calling her randomly” and then Brian said “she calls always calls you randomly” so it’s cute how they still talk off camera

    • King Kayy says:


    • Benazeer Lashari says:

      Nah , I mean I know it’s cute but it’s not off camera it’s usually for Pipers video and stuff you should watch her videos too , so you can know the real and both sides story

  7. yllka gashi says:

    When gavin end coco were together he promised her that he will take her in costa rica

  8. Champion Family says:

    Bryan: did you parents ever teach anything Gavin: tuuuuuuuggdh I’m SeLf Tulk

  9. Charlotte Bamborough says:

    Gavin: so u down
    Ellie: only if I can do my flying leap but if I can’t I am going to have to say no

  10. LIL JRN🎵 says:


    • LIL JRN🎵 says:

      Tysm for pinning

    • BaileyPlays ꪜ says:

      @LIL JRN🎵 gavin u betrayed me what about u pinning my comment, now u pin his? 🙁 its ok LOL

    • Moesha Martha says:

      He trending because of piper and Elliana tf

    • LIL JRN🎵 says:

      @Moesha Martha not yall ppl hating…..but its his song and ive never seen them trend before? Fr tho im not tryna be mean just defending. ppl dont trend for having a bunch of views only. The likes and views need to be decent and also it has to fit a bunch of categories to trend regularly

    • Moesha Martha says:

      @LIL JRN🎵 piper have trend before look at all his over videos they not that much views like 300k 400k but with piper it a lot I don’t think they care about this pavin shit it all about money and views

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