asking strangers if they want $1,000,000 #shorts

asking strangers if they want $1,000,000 #shorts

Check out the video on my new second channel @Isaiah Vlogs 😀 #shorts

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44 Responses

  1. Lucid says:

    Pin this

  2. Ian Leinweber says:

    I would have said yes to the $1

  3. GlitchedSniper says:

    I think it cause they are worried you got it illegally and they dont wanna get in trouble for it.

  4. GamingDerp says:

    Bruhhhh If someone said do you want $1000 I would ask “Are you with Jimmy?”
    If you said no i would still take it!

  5. Cameron Dale says:

    They think you’re going to ask them to do something shady for the money.

  6. Yehya Zeaiter says:

    I mean this is pretty sus, they’ll mostly think you’ll make them deliver drugs or something lol

  7. Your Dad says:

    You’re asking the question in the wrong area. People will gladly take the dollar where I’m from😂

    • Dust Cat says:

      People will say yes for 1$ in india

    • Tyler Southern says:

      @Dust Cat yes bc India is quite poor that is why hacking is more popular in india

    • Rinndery says:

      When I watched the video my first reaction was , I would say yes too .. but thinking about the situation .. you are just walking and someone is like “ do you want 5 .. dollars “ it sound sus ( at least if I try to put my self in that situation )

  8. THE GAMER says:

    His heart was beating 10 times faster when he asked “do you want 1,000,000 dollars?*😂😂😂

    • Snpr Skllr says:

      if someone would said yeah.. i would just say oh i want a Million dollars too and walk away

    • Hellrider 7s says:

      it was beating a million times faster

    • Loc Nguyen says:

      Do you realize that a normal human’s average heartbeat is 75/min ? If his heart is beating 10 times faster like you said, his heartbeat would be around 700~800 per min, that is impossible and he would be dead already. Stop exxagerating on everything you typed kid, it’s not even funny

    • Bryce Z says:

      @Loc Nguyen nerd cmonn

    • green Mustard says:

      @Loc Nguyen we got a boomer

  9. niners rule says:

    here’s the thing he asks more people who say yes and he probaly says something like “oh ya i want 1 mil too” but he just shows the clips were they say no

  10. joseph guzman 1 says:

    Gotta love how we have evolved as a species to naturally block out offers regarding insane amounts of glorified paper

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