Asli Hip Hop – Trailer Announcement – Gully Boy | Ranveer Singh | Alia Bhatt | 14th February

Asli Hip Hop – Trailer Announcement – Gully Boy | Ranveer Singh | Alia Bhatt | 14th February

Asli Hip Hop se milaye Hindustan ko. Gully Boy Trailer Announcement

Song Name: Asli Hip Hop
Composer: Spitfire
Lyrics: Spitfire
Singer: Ranveer Singh
Featured Singers:
Rahul Raahi,
Emiway Bantai,
And Big Sid.

Beatboxers: D-Cypher, BeatRAW.

Music Supervisor: Ankur Tewari

Recorded at: Purple Haze Studios, Mumbai

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47 Responses

  1. Sandeep Agarwal says:

    Everything he touches turns to gold……
    NewEra begins with gully boys

    • Karan Singh says:

      Thugs of Hindostan copied Pirates of the Caribbeans and was a big flop now Gully Boy is copying 8 Mile and will be the joke of the whole world. This makes Bollywood look stupid. This is why ppl can’t respect Bollywood who are used to seeing real talent in Hollywood. Indian ppl deserve shitty movies like Race 3, Golmaal, Simba, Singam, Dabaang, Masti etc. What a fucking joke.

    • Touqeer Hasan says:

      +Karan Singh it’s not a copy of 8 mile it’s a real story of naezy & divine u fool…

    • do aa says:

      +Karan Singh hater ..

    • 5 years ago says:

      +Karan Singh you dont need to go in everybody’s comment section and spam it with your comments.Peace

    • Making Of says:

      Sabhi bhosdiwalo mere channel Ko subscribe karo ?

  2. Oldboy&Agni says:

    Abhi Hip Hop failega India me! The most consumed genre for a Reason! Huge Expectations from this movie, already loving the teaser ?? Love from Oldboy.. Shor Machega galliyon mein..

  3. Rahul Brahma says:

    Zoya, Alia, Ranveer rapping, slum, etc. etc. this one looks promising. Ranveer in a quest conquer Bollywood and no one would mind it.

  4. Sandeep Agarwal says:

    Complete entertainer,
    200 percent effort,
    0 percent attitude,

  5. Bhushan Bhonde says:


    Khada hu kaise mai yaha pe ab na puch na,
    Dard Shayari mein, tuzhko chahiye saboot kya?
    Shikhar ye soch par jooda hu mai zameen se,
    Yakeen tumko na par aage aya mai yakeen se

    Laakh nafrate ho saath MAA ka pyaar hai,
    Hasee hai uski jeet meri, kaise jaau haar mai?

    Kaatlo zubaan, aasu-onse gaaunga,
    Gaad do, beej hu mai, ped ban hi jaunga,
    Dil tha tuta tab Hip-Hop mere sath tha,
    Ujale milne mai muzhe ha raat-kahi haath tha

    Kalakaar mai, kal ko aakar du,
    Yahee hai mera Dharm, meri dusri koi jaat na,
    MAA hai Rabb meri, Gully ye meri Mashooka (Girlfriend),
    Ladka yeda mai zhukane par bhi na zhuka

    Sunn rahe jo muzhko beshumar pyar unse,
    Banata Geet mai par mai khud bana hu tumse

    Gaur karlo, meri baaton pe tum dhyan do,
    Naino ko mai Namm karu,
    Sukun mai deta kaan ko

    Chillao zor se, uthao apne haath tum,
    Asli Hip-Hop se milaye Hindusthan ko,
    Hindusthan ko, haanji Hindusthan ko,
    Asli Hip-Hop se milaye Hindusthan ko,
    Hindusthan ko, haanji Hindusthan ko,
    Asli Hip-Hop se milaye Hindusthan ko….kya?

    Apna Time ayega!!!

    – Spitfire

    Great work by all

    P.S. I want to meet Naezy
    (Somebody please make it possible)

  6. peacemaker Ssunshine says:

    I always wanted this Ranveer Singh ,I mean Ranveer from band baja baraat… he is here now…I love this look?

  7. Bahniman Borah says:

    Bow down to Ranveer Singh .. ?? …. wow talent ! ??

  8. Maddy 6119 says:

    Still people think Ranbir is better than Ranveer ! Ranveer rocks 🙂

    • kalaivani baskar says:

      nobody thinks that except his filmy family. Anyways, Ranveer – the self-made superstar for the win

    • asha raju says:

      Excuse me self
      Made , he is the nephew of sonam Kapoor’s mother , bro no one is self made he do have background and learned rapping while he went to acting school , say he is versatile and experimenting is acceptable but not such self made statements get our knowledge checked

    • asha raju says:

      No comparison , both are great actors

    • Weird VidZ says:

      Both are great


    Is this the same guy who played simmba as well as khilji last year… this man can do anything… Ranveer surely has a diverse range in his acting.
    No surprises if he overshadows all the khans in near future.
    The best find of Bollywood in last deacde.

  10. Aakash Samaddar says:

    Another blockbuster by ranveer singh….. Khan’s days are over… I am so happy..????

  11. Aakash Samaddar says:

    Ranbir kapoor was never better than ranveer singh ….. Ranbir kapoor is not as versatile as ranveer singh… Ranveer singh is way better than shahrukh and salman… Ranveer is next gen super star…

  12. Lonely Monster says:

    And 2019 bang is here DAMN this trailer gives goosebumps ? BOLLYWOOD YOURE BLESSED TO HAVE *RANVEER SINGH*

  13. North vs south mixing says:

    Unstoppable ranveer ! What you think ?

  14. thebilalmalik . official says:

    Love you Ranveer Love from Pakistan ???

  15. English is Fun says:

    Nice rapper ?❤️ Time is going to make you feel better than you are ??

  16. Charu Mishra says:

    He is a Real Rockstar????????

  17. Charu Mishra says:

    Ranveer#the Real Rock Star????????????

  18. Hrishikesh More says:

    Ranveersingh man u can do any role, har baar aisa lagta hai ki har role mei koi different banda hai, u are nailing each and every role

  19. Prachi Priya says:

    Ranveer’s acting in the movie is worth an Oscar ……I think so? cauz ye hai asli Hip Hop

  20. Pembelim Pembelim says:

    OMG Ranveer is perfect ? ??

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