ASMR Relaxing Haircut ♥ Shampoo & Condition, Scalp Massage, Tingles

ASMR Relaxing Haircut ♥ Shampoo & Condition, Scalp Massage, Tingles

Hello my Darlings! Today’s video is a simple haircut video. You were due for a trim 🙂 On a side note, the audio for this video is not top quality due to some microphone issues. I was debating on posting this, but decided to go with it in the end. Next video, the audio issue will be fixed! ♥ Happy drifting!

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70 Responses

  1. MsSparkle31 Zen says:

    2 am for me , which mean i’ve been trying to fall asleep for 2 hours now 😭 , put me to sleep my Darling 😖

  2. jaassil says:

    why wont you laugh after “it’s me ASMR darling”? 😢

  3. Curacao677 says:

    Did they tell you that you look a lot like Lily James? 😮❗️❕❗️❕❗️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  4. uncaringgenius says:

    You’re still the ASMR Queen in my book despite there being thousands of other ASMR artists out there today.

  5. xXKitty YTXx says:

    28:30 *GOT ME DEAD!!!*
    _😂 love you ASMR Darling💕_

  6. Peyton Lane says:

    Me:Looks at my hair * WHO CHANGED MY WEAVE!?!

  7. Aye Pineapple says:


    She didn’t giggle after the “Darling” in the beggining! My life is ruined.. ;(

  8. Kayleeann M says:

    ❤️Time Stamps❤️ sorry if these are bad it’s my 3rd time doing time Stamps
    0:00 – 1:24 Intro
    1:25 – 3:44 whispering about the style of your hair
    3:45 – 8:21 brushing hair
    8:22 – 9:21 scalp massage
    9:22 – 15:43 washing/shampooing hair
    15:44 – 19:15 conditioning hair
    19:16 – 20:00 wrapping hair in towel
    20:01 – 26:13 cutting hair
    26:14 – 28:13 spritzing hair
    28:13 – 28:41 omg I cant spoil it it’s so funny/ checking hair in mirror
    28:41 – 29:56 putting hair product in hair
    29:56 – 30:16 ending

  9. Abbey ASMR says:

    I love you 😘 I’ve been watching your vids since your Chik fil A 50K celebration 🍾

  10. Lexy Taylor says:

    You should do cooking/baking with u asmr

  11. Ally Claudia says:

    10:53am in australia, currently in school and now i have a reason to fall asleep in maths!!

  12. jessica m says:

    im a freaking barbie
    that was prob the best part of the whole video

  13. SassySuga says:

    My mom literally told me I should get my hair cut for school, so here I am cut my hair my dude

  14. Shelb Y says:

    I love your hair taylor! The warm blonde looks good with your skin tone.

  15. ASMR In The Car says:

    My hair must be wild. I haven’t had a haircut in the ASMR Darling world in a long time.

  16. Shandarian Yazzie says:

    Stressing about class, but thanks to your video.😴❤

  17. M Wallace says:

    “I’m frickin’ Barbie, man.”
    My new catchphrase.

  18. Sierra says:

    Girl, you’re so naturally beautiful and you’re an ASMR goddess. Bless your content. I always have a great night sleep after watching your videos ❤

  19. Isabelle Potter says:

    Person: hey what do you do for a job?
    Her: I make weird noises to satisfy people on the internet

  20. asmr munchkin says:

    Finally a haircut roleplay where the prop is actually my hair color 😂

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