Assassin’s Creed Origins: E3 2017 Official World Premiere Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft [US]

Assassin’s Creed Origins: E3 2017 Official World Premiere Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft [US]

Watch the world premiere of Assassin’s Creed Origins and get a glimpse of ancient Egypt and the beginnings of the Assassin’s Brotherhood. Available October 27.

Available for pre-order now.


ABOUT Assassin’s Creed Origins :

Journey into Ancient Egypt, the most mysterious place in history, during a crucial period that will shape the world. Discover the secrets behind the Great Pyramids, forgotten myths, the last pharaohs, and – engraved in long-lost hieroglyphics – the origin story of the Assassin’s Brotherhood.

For the last four years, the team behind the acclaimed Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag® has been focused on crafting a new beginning for the franchise. Fight in a completely new way where you transition seamlessly between unique ranged and melee weapons, and take on multiple enemies at once. Choose your Assassin skills while exploring the full country of Ancient Egypt, engaging in multiple quests and gripping stories along a journey that will change civilization.


Experience the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt – Uncover lost tombs, explore the Great Pyramids, and discover the secrets of mummies, the gods, and the last pharaohs.

An Origin Story – Start here, at the very beginning, with the never-before-told origin story of Assassin’s Creed. You are Bayek, protector of Egypt, whose personal story will lead to the creation of the Assassin’s Brotherhood.

Embrace Action-RPG – Experience a completely new way to fight as you loot and use a variety of weapons with different characteristics and rarities. Enjoy deep RPG progression mechanics, choose your preferred abilities, and challenge your skills against unique and powerful bosses.

Each Quest is a Memorable Adventure – Pick and tackle quests at your own pace: each of them tells an intense and emotional story full of colorful characters and meaningful objectives.

Explore a Full Country – From deserts to lush oases, from the Mediterranean Sea to the tombs of Giza, fight your way against dangerous factions and wild beasts as you explore this gigantic and unpredictable land.

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20 Responses

  1. Coffee Cat says:

    SO EXCITED!!!!

  2. MkcSizzl says:

    I love the game, BUT I hate the Snake.

  3. 9Coopers 1Family says:

    I am so hyped

  4. RnBCrew says:

    Glad they completely ditched what AC was in the Ezio games. This has a really nice magical/witcher feel to it and in my opinion, it looks like the best game AC has ever created.

  5. Nick says:

    The Egyptian time period will be a very fun and exciting open world playable area

  6. Diego Alvarez says:

    I’m excited but I was caught off guard by the snake..

  7. Dylan Van Leuven says:

    The amount of unrealistic bullshit in this is absurd… firing 5 arrows? Weird gladiator matches?? Sliding down a pyramid? Wtf is this?? I have no idea, but I think it’s fucking awesome.

  8. Delsin Rowe says:

    Can’t wait to run around Egypt with fifty guards tailing me

  9. kingcepter says:


  10. Sorter says:

    The snake is probably like the initiation mission in Unity where Arno drinks from the chalice and hallucinates.

  11. FimamanGameplay says:


  12. Holly Calvey says:

    Hey… that’s pretty goo- *DOWNGRADE INTENSIFIES*

  13. SERBIA STRONG says:


  14. ultrasonic22 says:


  15. Quaquas says:


  16. Clint Beastwood says:


  17. Vel Koz says:


  18. Joshua John Miles Smith says:


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