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48 Responses

  1. Super Isaiah says:

    My assumption:
    Literally all the comments will say “I’m only here for lazarbeam”

    and I cant disagree

  2. Matta Bish says:

    Lufu isn’t one of the boys, she’s in charge of them because she’s the alpha.
    Bazz has the most female fans ?‍♀️ he’s the cutest what can I say.

  3. UnderDa says:

    I have got about 20 craps from losing on overwatch and fortnite

  4. MYB says:

    Cray looks like the professor of the new movie Sonic HedgHog

  5. Lucy Sells says:

    Last digit of like is who you are

    1. Kath
    2. Elliot
    3. Marcus
    4. Crayator
    5. Bazza
    6. Lannan
    7. Fresh
    8. You’re choice
    9. Taylor Swift
    0. Yourself

  6. Izaak Orchard says:

    Lazarbeam I think mr Grady wished that he could use the cane on you to ?

  7. ben Dover says:

    Lazar beam and his girlfriend at night

    Bouncey bouncey ho such a good time
    (Edit) y dose this have so many likes

  8. loralee luckett says:

    I am from Australia and don’t understand Americans?
    P. S. Australia is real

  9. aoife slattery says:

    10:10 I’m dying

    11:54 was that lannan wearing cizzorz funrun merch ?

  10. MAN - EATING - SHARK!!! says:

    You guys should do an IQ test!!!! Love u Lannon

  11. Ali Mezher says:

    15:02 muselk having Vietnam flashbacks ?

  12. Henkjan Januari says:

    U guys should do a pause challenge on this channel or the double click?

  13. Apollo Inch says:

    I just said that ur group name was click to my dog even though he’s asleep

  14. NotAKlueFN says:

    I love how the standard for smart is “he went to school”

  15. Phoeb M says:

    I feel like kath is kinda sick of these click videos, she doesn’t seem to be very happy or putting much effort in ?

  16. Original T says:

    15:27 loserfruit is like ~what am I doing here…~

    Like if you can relate

  17. 10,000 subscribers with two videos? says:

    2:42 WHO WROTE THAT ?

    _Sorry Elliot_ ?

  18. Karen DeZurik says:

    Cray: Lannan
    Lanna: what
    Cray: LANNAN!!!!!
    Lannan: WHAT
    Eliot: Shut the f#$k up
    Cray: I was asking if he ate the pickals

  19. Francis Pearson says:

    Well done on getting number 1 on trending ???????????

  20. BoB YoUr MoM says:

    Ok in Lachy’s vids he CONSTANTLY switches from American to Australia

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