Aston Villa v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/26/2022 | NBC Sports

Aston Villa v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/26/2022 | NBC Sports

Both teams had their chances, but Liverpool’s superior finishing made the difference in the Reds’ 3-1 victory over Aston Villa. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #AstonVilla #Liverpool
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Aston Villa v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/26/2022 | NBC Sports

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38 Responses

  1. Mina Botrous says:

    Ox gave really good chances this game, missed watching him. We need Wijnaldum back

  2. Spencer Stone says:

    Classic Darwin chaos ball – he impacts the game even when he doesn’t score, how about the touch and run on the 3rd goal, but he needs to become far more clinical to be a great prem striker.

  3. yxmar X says:

    As much as Nunez is missing chances, I see that he gets in the positions to those chances. I think he just needs to not overthink it.

  4. Bennett Ray says:

    Darwin is so fast its incredible. Just needs to shoot a little better and he could score 20 goals a season. He will improve – almost no one else in the prem would have reached the ball like he did for the third goal

    • FactzOverFeelings! says:

      Nunez = Timo Werner 2.0 🥴

    • Adam Lorentz says:

      literally so many players would have gotten to that ball, his first touch was just pretty bad lol. And he needs to shoot the ball way better than “a little” to get a start for Liverpool lmao… so many missed chances this game. He has the potential but his problem is confidence, when a striker passes the ball in the positions Nunez did you can tell he isn’t confident or hungry for goals, which is a trait all managers and teammates want their strikers to have, and is one of the reasons players like Haaland and Mbappe are so successful

    • AnubisXIII says:

      Checkout what Mahrez does!

  5. Maudal Musical Machines says:

    My favorite thing is Nunez’s 18 missed chances, followed by a 12 year old kid scoring in his 1st minute in the Prem 😁

  6. James says:

    What a fullback. Much deserved for Andy Robertson. We sometimes forget how quality he has been.

  7. Lmar H says:

    Darwin Nunez is good. He creates and gets into a lot of good positions. Decision making at goal needs to get better but you can definitely see the talent. He’ll be fine.

    • jawad alam says:

      @Giovanni Rojas So what happened with Suarez after his horrible first year at Liverpool? Clueless

    • watj says:

      @Emmanuel cruz real madrid said the same thing about vini jr and courtious.

    • Matt Majcan says:

      @Atlantic lets be realistic, the only reason anyone is talking about darwin nunez is because they recognize his potential. Liverpool haters relentlessly attack him because they’re afraid of what he can do, and what he will do. They NEED him to be a flop otherwise they fall even further behind.

    • Matt Majcan says:

      he IS fine. i guess its just a coincidence that his form has improved and we keep winning

    • Josephus says:

      Agree. Everyone saying he is the same as Werner is wrong. The stats think they are wrong also. Nunez strike rate is 0.45, Werner’s was 0.25 in his time at Chelsea. Nunez creates more chances, assists more and creates more havoc when on the field which this Liverpool thrives on. Yes, he needs to improve his finishing. If he can just improve it a little bit he will be easily scoring 20 PL goals a season. 5 in 11 so far. Remember Salah’s first season? He was blowing three or four chances per game to score one. Nunez will be fine. Liverpool is better with him on the pitch.

  8. Cameron Walker says:

    Nunez problem is he doesn’t slow down in front of goal. He’s always going 100%. He does everything else extremely well. Finishing can be worked on… he’s on his way I believe in him

  9. Andrew KravMaga says:

    Darwin Nunez, the super discount Haaland 😂😂😂😂

    • Andrew KravMaga says:

      @Gabriel Zhagui not exactly Haalandz buyout clause was monumentL

    • Maudug91 says:

      Obviously Haaland is a more polished player. And a world class finisher. But let’s not act like Haaland can do what Nunez does for chance creation. Haaland is a limited striker but very good at what he does. Which means that he would not be effective in every team. Nunez is maybe more flexible as a player.

    • Acm 1pt says:

      @Wesley McKaini agree. people will hop on a band wagon because everyone is talking bad about nunez. all they think is “he doesn’t score he sucks”. we all know his role is to score, but the amount of chances and goals he’s involved in is insane

    • Wesley McKain says:

      You didn’t notice his runs during the game? His runs were as good as his finishing was bad. Has he finished before this, previously in the League for us, before than for Benfica? Yes. Your memory backward and view forward are both too short. Its a finishing dry spell, that’s all.

    • Gabriel Zhagui says:

      Lmaoo not even he cost MORE than Haaland can u believe that

  10. H0se0k says:

    World class pass by trent 3:03 so good at pass and attacks ❤

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