ASTRO 아스트로 – Knock(널 찾아가) M/V

ASTRO 아스트로 – Knock(널 찾아가) M/V

#ASTRO 7th Mini Album [#GATEWAY]
‘#Knock(널 찾아가)’ M/V OPEN! 🚪

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54 Responses

  1. yeetus deletus says:

    This is the era where everyone shines equally.

  2. Tea Nis says:

    Eun Woo’s stare here is too intimidating, I find really hard to watch this without watching away just because he is too much OMG. I never felt that attacked by him.
    Moonbin alone, dancing with water, I agree a lot. And all the vocals I am meltiiing.
    Get it guys, you deserve the best💖

  3. XxNygeriaxX says:

    I’m not a stan of Astro but I love some of their songs. Time to add a new song to my list.

  4. Kader Girgin says:

    1LIKE = 1AROHA

  5. doomed multifandom says:

    it’s crazy how much ASTRO has matured. Each comeback is more sophisticated than the last and as a fan, it’s SO AWESOME to see them growing up

  6. baby kween says:

    It’s funny how people sleep. I sleep on my belly, my friend sleeps on her side, meanwhile the rest of the world sleeps on ASTRO

  7. CrystalCharise says:

    This LITERALLY slapped everyone in the face. Astro be like “Knock Knock Youtube Trending”. Stop sleeping on these dudes!!!!

  8. sim says:

    0:50, 2:30, 2:36, 2:38, 3:01 —
    That’s JinJin; he’s the leader, main rapper, and lead dancer

    0:39, 1:14, 2:16, 2:39 —
    That’s MJ; he’s the oldest, and the main vocalist

    0:19, 1:31, 2:12, 2:22, 2:27, 2:41, 3:10 —
    That’s Eunwoo; he’s a vocalist and visual (face of the group)

    0:29, 0:59, 1:41, 2:51 —
    That’s Moonbin; he’s a main dancer, lead vocalist, and center

    1:20, 1:52, 2:33, 2:37, 2:38 —
    That’s Rocky; he’s the main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist

    0:34, 1:10, 1:36, 2:01, 2:25, 2:27, 2:56 —
    That’s Sanha; he’s a vocalist and the maknae

    I tried to make this as detailed as I could for timestamps, and I know I didn’t get everything. I just think this might make it easier for new arohas because I saw a few asking around in the comments.

    Okay so I went back through stuff I’ve seen, so here you go!!

    Some guides to help:

    Weekly Idol (English Subtitles) (Astro’s part starts at 19:46)

    Also, please tell me if I made any mistakes and if there are any videos anyone wants to link for new arohas, that would be nice!

  9. Fox Fire says:

    I would just like to thank all other fandoms that are here watching Astros MV, wherever your loyalty resides I just wanted to say thank you for helping us and supporting Astro<3

  10. MONBEBE Minmoongie says:

    Me: watching Knock
    Sister: What are you watching?
    Me: The song I’ll play a lot of times starting today. So be ready

  11. ELYang ELYang says:

    How many International AROHAS are streaming right now?

    I’m one of those. …

  12. rosé says:

    está canción es una joyita, su mini álbum es oro puro, stan talent STAN ASTRO.

  13. ChaeX kpop says:

    I am a Carat, Gem, Choice, Nctzen(czennie), Swag(one n only is a jpop group.. )& ofcourse aroha……i started to stan astro 1 year ago.. its my ult group now.. i know astro more than anything else and i am so proud not to sleep on them anymore.

  14. 1 Subscriber Before 2021 says:

    How many international AROHAs are str3aming KNOCK??

    1 Like = 1 international fan

  15. Diethono - says:

    No one:
    Literally no one:

  16. brainmare says:

    *How many international AROHAs are str3eming KNOCK?*

    1 Like = 1 international fan

  17. Susana Ferrera says:

    I am a new Aroha now, they are so talented!!!!

    Im Army btw, Now astro is one of my favorite group

  18. Melanie Ramos says:

    The people who are still sleeping in ASTRO, all well at home? You better open those eyes because ASTRO IS PURE TALENT, I HAVE PROOFS AND ZERO DOUBTS. KINGS

  19. meera joseph says:

    Hope people will appreciate EunWoo’s talents more after this, and not jugde him just for his visuals.

    • aroha _DM says:


  20. Kader Girgin says:

    “I’m so proud of Jinjin”
    “I’m so proud of MJ”
    “I’m so proud of Eunwoo”
    “I’m so proud of Rocky”
    “I’m so proud of Sanha”
    “I’m so proud of ASTRO”
    “I’m so proud of AROHAS”

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