Asus ROG Phone 2 Review: The Spec King!

Asus ROG Phone 2 Review: The Spec King!

ROG Phone II has a world class spec sheet. But how does that translate into real life?

Asus ROG Phone 2:

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Intro Track: I’m a Dreamer by Alltta
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59 Responses

  1. Pewdiepie RGB says:

    “I don’t really play fortnite…”
    *[Everyone liked that]*

  2. Sanjay Barua says:

    “That’s what she said ???”

    Loving the comic side of MKBHD

  3. Dr Moto says:

    Nokia: *connecting people*
    Oneplus: *never settle*
    Asus: *republic of gamers*
    Marques: *that’s what she said*

  4. Lucky Albanoti says:

    You don’t even have to hit the gym with this phone, only by carrying it you’re actualy lifting weight.

  5. oliver !! says:

    youre really flexing by bringing that to the apple event marques

    • I A says:

      @Arun Nawani that is not the fault of android chipsets or manufacturers. Only Apple holds an architectural license with ARM, which allows it to design its own chips from scratch.

    • Thom CA says:

      Arun Nawani thx man finally someone say it i was getting crazy, noone see the geekbenchs, the a12 is a monster and the A13 is chuck norris

    • I A says:

      @Thom CA but with chipsets it’s not an even playing field because only apple has the license to design their chips from scratch which results in better CPU performing.

    • Malkhut says:

      @Arun Nawani yeah and I bet the cpu cooling is amazing on iPhone too

    • Matt Matt says:

      18×9, 1080p, deal breaker, I’ll stick with my razor phone 2, 2560x1440p, normal resolution, and its 16×9.

  6. noKiddingx0x0 says:

    Half the comments = great phone
    Other half = that’s what she said

  7. george thomas says:

    That was the best intro from MKBHD that I’ve seen in a while…

  8. Priyansu Singh says:

    He says 6000mah
    My j1 mini: 15% battery remaining

  9. Majed Albahlal says:

    on Amazon it says 8gb of ram and 128 gb storage , how can we get the item you had ?

  10. 100 subs please says:

    When you realize this ROG phone has bigger battery than your macbook pro 13″

  11. A man of culture says:

    12 GB of ram?
    1TB of UFS 3.0 storage?

    My PC : *wait that’s illegal*

  12. Ursh KHARBANDA says:


    – Markass Brownlee, who we all thought was innocent to some extent

  13. Confirm ation says:

    “That what she said” comment made me laugh quiet a bit. ? Marques your vids are always entertaining.

  14. Jay Stacks says:

    Marques: About 240G to be exact

    Scale: 232G

    Marques: Left the room

  15. Zoham Imam says:

    U k
    Its a damn good phone if the video has a great intro????

  16. Bernard says:

    Can you make a review about the Galaxy Watch Active 2? It seems to be the best smartwatch on the Android side.

  17. Shaikh Azhar says:

    Asus : 6000mah battery
    Apple : 1hr extra long battery backup compared to your previous gen phones what we slowed down by our updates

    • Melnyx says:

      Shaikh Azhar this year it is supposed to hold 3-4 hours longer, but only time will tell

    • Josiah Deane says:

      The iPhone 5s on iOS 12 is faster than when it was first released. Find me an android product that gets supported through 5+ years of software, while improving still.

    • Ted Joe says:

      @Josiah Deane the last iPhone I truly liked was 5s. Specially after iPhone 7, work on innovation and my fat ass have really been substandard.

  18. Dashyx says:

    A phone faster than my pc.

    *Pc crying in the corner*

  19. xKevgax says:

    “High refresh rate all the things, please.”
    *Uploads 30 fps videos*

  20. Sachindra Bhattacharya says:

    My gaming laptop : 8gb ram, 512gb ssd
    Asus ROG phone : 12gb ram, 1TB UFS 3.0 storage

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