At least 11 injured in shooting at California bar

At least 11 injured in shooting at California bar

The scene is safe and the threat has been contained, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

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94 Responses

  1. Hardcore American Gamer says:

    Strictest gun laws in the USA, and yet they don’t work. When will the democrats learn?. Another shooting in a gun free zone.

  2. Caleb Toussaint says:

    Can’t we just wait one week for the injured to at least get to the hospital before we blame, crazy anti-trumpers or trump supporters. Every time people please. Their still in there

    • Human Cancerbag says:

      Crazy anti trumpers tou say. Yet youre the problem. Please kill yourself!

    • tomitstube says:

      +Kenny the robbery motive makes no sense kenny.

    • Kenny says:

      +tomitstube no it doesn’t.. But you have two witnesses saying he went for the cash register.. Killing the security guard and cashier first then going for the main office..
      So based on the little information available it very well could be anything.. You have reports the bar is popular with police and fire officer’s.
      When the shooter id identified a lot nore will be known.. Until then you only know what information is at hand to base a opinion on..

    • tomitstube says:

      +Kenny even the dumbest criminal doesn’t try to rob a store with dozens of people around including bouncers and security guards, this is yet another planned mass killing.

  3. believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved says:

    where’s all the “cell phone footage” ?

    • MrVidification says:

      deciding to pull out a phone and record for youtube whilst in danger.. not the smartest move

    • Human Cancerbag says:

      92 retarted sheep. Baaaaing in agreement to cell phone footage while people sre getting shot to believe it. I pray you all die

    • Human Cancerbag says:

      These braindead excuses for people are more worried about cell phone videos than mass shooting casualties and facts. Its literally sickening. I cannot believe these are people agreeing to this

  4. JK Wright Commander says:

    Wow gun control is really working for you California

  5. e.wells says:

    Let’s not make political comments about Trump and make moves that protect life and liberty

    • Donze says:

      +Tyler Moses You can compare any two things. It doesnt mean you’re not stupid or misguided for doing so. Now you’re just digressing into silly symantec’s. California, ESPECIALLY when compared to first world nations, is largely a failure and in no way is an economic or social role model. It’s as simple as that.

    • Douglas Steele says:

      +Kenneth Veldman i’m not talking about removing any amendmants. what i am talking about is having a president that has the guts to do something about all these mass shootings. you can keep your hunting rifle and even your handgun to protect yourself. we just don’t need military assualt rifles that are readily avaible to the general public. yeah you are right. nothing is going to be done about it as long as trump is in office. you hit the nail on the head.

    • Tyler Moses says:

      +Donze As a whole, I’m simply pointing it out as being important to the US economy and our international influence. I’m not saying it is a perfect example for the world. I use to live in California. I work in the entertainment industry as a costume jewelry designer. I also distribute crystal products to the costuming industry. I left California because of the number of regulations and unions within the industries there. I now have an office in Denver Colorado and another in Zhuhai China. I was just making a simple observation of the importance of CA to our Country. Some ignorant people constantly say they wish CA would separate and fail or just complain about all the liberals. However, they say these thoughtless things without the true consideration of what that would mean for the country as a whole. Please don’t misunderstand that statement, I doubt you are one of those people, as you have been speaking quite rationally.

    • Tyler Moses says:

      +Donze Trust me, I would never say California is a perfect example of economics. Honestly, it is my least favorite place to visit when I travel to showcase for trade expos. The amount of regulations and unionization is ridiculous and hurts many businesses more than it helps.

    • Kenneth Veldman says:

      +Douglas Steele Trump doesn’t make the laws that’s congresses job, Stop blaming the current puppet , Obama, Bush, Clinton none of them have done it. And once Again this had nothing to do with a rifle it was a hand gun.

  6. Jacob Wells says:

    But, but California has all those gun control laws. Why didn’t they stop this from happening?

    • Veto Bandito says:

      +S4VAG3 hmmm it’s almost as if a criminal wants to be violent they’ll find a way to huh? Doesnt seem like laws that limit people help the people that follow them when criminals obviously aren’t going to follow the rules

    • jahi yo step dad says:

      Omg your so stupid

    • HelloAtlanta Official says:

      EXACTLY! taking guns from people doesn’t mean guns are taken from bad people!!! just from people who protected not gun owners from BAD PEOPLE

  7. ESFitnessSavage says:

    Look at this dude they interviewed talking about how he “immediately drove from Studio City to make sure that everyone’s okay”… like he’s going to be the tree-hugging wheatgrass drinking superhero that saves the day

  8. CURTIS SMITH says:

    We have a mass shooting every week just sad

    • Senkaku is Japan says:

      It’s daily of Murica! Thanks to your brilliant 2nd amendment!

    • Steve Smith says:

      Ricky Fontaine Since you hate whites so much, why do you leech off of them( welfare, food stamps, Medicare and section 8)?if it wasn’t for white taxpayers, you would be a hungry and homeless pos Insteadof just a worthless pos, Remember that ,Leroy, Toby, shaqwon, devante or whatever the ghetto name blacks use.

    • SweatDeezTexas says:

      +Miss Amazon as I think about it, yeah every day in DemocRAT gun free zone Chicago.

    • SweatDeezTexas says:

      +Senkaku is Japan don’t be jealous because everyone in the world wants to live here in AMERICA even with the 2nd Amendment. Shall Not be infringed. Greatest Country in the World.✊🇺🇸USA

    • Vlad The Inhaler says:

      +Some One You mean white people are the most likely to do things in white countries? Wow.

      What about Asians? Pol Pot, Mao, Genghis Khan?

  9. Scott Fraser says:

    Imagine that right after elections. In a gun free zone

  10. Dennis Reynolds says:

    So wait…Another gun became sentient and shot people?!?!?!? Ohhhhh so it’s a PEOPLE problem. Oh whew…

    • jdudeoes says:

      +JustinT2 do you even realize how hard it is to get a gun?

    • Easliy Displeased says:

      +Doodle Bob I like when idiots who obviously have zero knowledge on guns enter the debate. Love your effort sport, when you stop shooting up soy like it’s heroin we can talk.

    • David says:

      leo It’s not just white men you twat, sure, mainly white men, but you have others in large amounts

    • PureGothard says:

      +Doodle Bob those rifles were never used in the military and they had no resemblence with anything that does if you want to get rid of a damaging gun ban the shotgun

  11. DontBlameTheDog says:

    Perhaps we need to ban nightclubs.

  12. RS Siya says:

    gun’s are not the problem… mental health is. fix mental health, fix gun issues.

    • Dantheman says:

      Spaide man Trump Derangement Syndrome LOL 😀

    • Iron Gaming says:

      +Kate there is no such thing as an “assault rifle”. You know nothing about firearms. Keep your SJW logic off the internet, now all these people know you’re an idiot.

    • Collins Ongaya says:

      You can’t fix “mental health” like it’s a broken watch. Please take a psychology class. The brain is more complicated than that, dude.

    • Kate says:

      Iron Gaming you must really be a trumpHumper lol. What do you mean there’s no such thing as ASSAULT RIFLE!? Heckler and Koch G36,

  13. The Black Angel says:

    Outlawing guns of any kind just means people will still get their guns just illegally and unmonitored.

    • Easliy Displeased says:

      +the_ steeze it would be less difficult. People would just make their own and once you ban guns, 3d printer sales skyrocket and then you have fully automatic throw away guns flooding the streets. Sure they can only sustain a couple dozen rounds, maybe 50-100 max but if they are untraceable who cares.

    • rootsm3 says:

      No one wants to outlaw guns…

    • the_ steeze says:

      Anthony Romanzo Carr You missed my key word: *daily.* that’s why most binge drinkers who also end up with alcohol poisoning are over 21. No shit kids drink. But nowhere near the amount *daily* that adults do. Not saying it’s going to 100% solve the problem, but it will be a MUCH bigger hassle to purchase all the equipment for a mass murder if you have to buy all of it illegally, from sketchy ass ppl.

    • the_ steeze says:

      Easliy Displeased Dude 3D printer guns are such a hassle to make. Do you see 3D printed guns on the street ever? No. No one is going to carry around a plastic gun, which requires you to buy $800.00+ worth of equipment just to print the damn thing.

  14. The maximum joker 543 says:

    California has the strictest gun laws in America if people want to kill they will kill.

    And also I feel bad for the families as well

    • martin joseph says:

      murica is fucked

    • Solstice Valentine says:

      +Raheem Shabazz Oh please spare me the bullshit. Not once in any of your comments did you call for stricter gun laws, not once did you offer up any solutions just pointed out “ThEy CaN gEt GuNs OuTsIdE tHe StAtE” yet said nothing about preventing them from getting them. All you did was say “WeLl, ShOoTiNg Is IlLeGaL tOo, BuT bOtH tHiNgS hApPeNeD” yet offered up no solutions on how to make this less occurring thing. But I’m straw-manning you and pulling things out of my ass because *you* presented ass arguments that without context and read the way they are as is would look like you’re doing nothing but saying ‘well laws didn’t stop them from doing this so what good will it do’. So either you’re stupid and expect people to be fucking mind-readers or you’re bullshitting me. Your shit arguments are not on me, because you fail to provide context.

    • Raheem Shabazz says:

      +Solstice ValentinePlease read the instructions carefully. You’re batting 0-2 today. Hahaha. I never said we should have looser laws either. In fact, I never even mentioned gun laws at all, YOU did. Then I just gave you solutions to the problem. Which you haven’t disputed. What I said in reply to another person who was saying the stricter laws in Cali did not stop this, because context matters, was that they can easily buy in another state EVEN THO IT’S ILLEGAL. Those two comments are not ARGUMENTS BUT FACTS. You created an argument that didn’t exist based on comments you clearly didn’t understand. So make some room, take those excuses and place them right up there next to your weak argument and that strawman. You backpedaling like he’s Richard Sherman. Quit while you’re behind lol.

    • Korey Lewis says:

      +Easliy Displeased Research? You just threw out numbers that literally had nothing to do with the question I proposed. Maybe you should learn to read instead of copying and pasting. I asked if we have a problem with American culture, because he said people, not guns, were the issue, dumb ass. Try better next time.

    • Easliy Displeased says:

      +Korey Lewis I literally answered your question it’s not my fault you refuse to accept it.

      To spell it for your dumbass here it goes.

      More people = more violence

  15. udunwanaknow says:

    They all look like crisis actors.. 😐 The agenda to take our guns is at a hundred..

  16. isturbo1984 says:

    Strict gun control = fish in a barrel
    These laws and policies do not deter against the crazies who illegally obtain firearms.

    • John Spencer says:

      Yup….so it’s just arm everyone and let them shoot it out right?
      Mental health help isn’t coming because no one wants to put in the time or money.
      People don’t want to get rid of guns because “MERICA”
      So we should simply arm everyone and teach if someone one fires you fire back.
      Now how are we better then other countries again???

    • isturbo1984 says:

      +John Spencer Okay. I got to ask. Are you a fucking retard? I literally criticized the illegal obtainment of firearms and you think what I’m saying is, “no, no, bruh, we need to arm EVERYONE!” Are you just that far gone? Jesus Christ. I just stated a fact, was all. Take it down a notch, will ya?

    • DAVNIC621 says:

      Open carry= fish in a barrel. That way you know who to shoot first! ( There is no perfect answer to any of this.)

    • Fara Marie Justine says:

      But having a nationwide gun crime can prevent people in one state who are legally allowed guns to sell to people from states where guns are illegal. There is a source but Americans are not willing to try because they love their toys too much.

  17. Total Bullion says:

    Interviewed a guy who Wasn’t there 🤔

    • Jaden Hurtado says:

      TheBenole your mom’s a potato, gotta put her together to look human

    • Collins Ongaya says:

      +Jaden Hurtado fear-mongering and fake news has made you gun control. We’ve always had gun control. They’re rules and procedures one has to take to acquire a gun. And most immigrants aren’t bringing rape or drugs to this country. That’s BS fake news. I do agree that they should come in legally.

    • Human Cancerbag says:

      +Jaden Hurtado you are human cancer, just remember that big guy

    • Fara Marie Justine says:

      Let me guess you think it’s fake like trump thinks everything is fake apart from his wife’s ass

  18. dannychidorii says:

    The warriors blew a 3-1 lead

  19. Bhupati says:

    Step 1: School Shooting
    Step 2: Church/Synagogue Shooting
    Step 3: Bar shooting
    Step 4: Repeat any of the above steps or all each week!

  20. TheJking85 says:

    I’m so glad I have social anxiety. I usually avoid crowds.

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