At least 12 dead, 188 infected in US as coronavirus continues to spread | Nightline

At least 12 dead, 188 infected in US as coronavirus continues to spread | Nightline

As the public stocks up on supplies over fears of the coronavirus, some companies are telling employees to work from home and 4,000 people in New York are in precautionary quarantine.



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83 Responses

  1. D. R. says:

    Conclusion: There’s no honest government existing on this planet.

    • William Baker says:

      @Cynthia Buttry
      🤣 “hateful” because as we all know the Indians were peace loving, flower children that had never known violence until the white man.
      Also they weren’t native no one is native to any land except Africa which is where we all descend from.

    • Timothy Jacobs says:

      Alex Warner Where are you getting this information from? Because what I’ve been reading is totally opposite.

    • Sperup AD says:

      @Claire Bush might have been part of that plot, but he wasn’t pOOtin’s puppet.
      Bush was our criminal; tRump is pOOtin’s criminal.
      That is treason. tRump is a traitor.
      Big difference.

    • Polarcupcheck says:

      @Dorothy Wiese-Bergan You just pulled a patch job sales article that is wrong about the concept of a 0.3 micron size limit? Tell me what research you want and I will provide the real material on N95, N99, N100, P100 and other HEPAs vs. particle sizes and other studies on aerosol virus particle sizes.

  2. Meyaka Brown says:

    They prolly postponed James Bond cause of the name “No Time to Die”. 😔

  3. Catheryn Morgan says:

    “We’re all in this… together.”
    I just want to wish everyone good luck

  4. Duolingo Final Form says:

    Sooooo stores are crowded… but doesn’t that mean that if one person who doesn’t know they have it basically infect the entire store?

  5. Jefff says:

    For most people, they’ll recover. I’m concerned as I’m on immune-suppressing meds for MS. Also, I think of my wife’s 89 y/o grandfather and 72 y/o father. My slogan, keep 6′ away unless you want to be 6′ under. jk

    • LittleLulubee says:

      But if you have a chronic illness, and need bloodwork done regularly, it’s impossible to stay 6 feet away from sick people in a medical clinic

    • Matt Forgione says:

      Jefff I read that although having a weakened immune system may make you more susceptible to catching it, it doesn’t mean more fatal. A lot of people are dying because their immune system freaks out because it’s strong and kills them. Having a suppressed immune system means yours won’t cause cytokine storm

    • SAM The SHAM says:

      So What about Cash Money Coins you or your kids handle? What about the Cash you Already Handled? The cash or coins in your wallet or wife purse from an hour ago. The virus is alive on Money cash at banks its handle without gloves you just Grab it.Kids Place in their mouths when Your not Looking? Its Nothing to Joke about Our Lives are Changed forever.What about beaches movies carnivals parades ball games sports events theater plays???? And it’s a joke???You wont be laughing in 6mons when you Locked in your house

    • Lourenco Almada says:

      I have an autoimmune disease. Thankfully anti-inflammatory medication is working pretty well so I haven’t started immune suppressants. If I was on immune-suppressing meds I would lock myself inside and not come out for weeks.

  6. Lorenzo Flores says:

    So fukn strange every time these vids pop up on my list there’s always different death confirmations from the virus 17 to 14 like wtf?

    • cutehumor says:

      the media is causing panic by doing coronavirus updates every three hours, it is showing in our lists to scare the shiat out of all of us.

    • Alucard Hellsing says:

      The deaths are all from elderly and people with a weak immune system.

    • SirJames I Gamerfuzion says:

      @cutehumor bet the media is happy to be making all that money off the topic

    • bobs hanery says:

      @SirJames I Gamerfuzion
      They also will gladfully blame Trump for dam well everything..same with the Dem debates
      They blame him for things he did not even do.. No funding cuts have passed for the CDC or the NIH but they tell you Trump defunded them and this is why the disease has spread.
      They also blame him for removing the pandemic response position which who knows if another program would of been helpful or needed. Government likes to create “solutions” to problems that already have laws in place. Trump did not remove the pandemic position it was the national security adviser.

  7. Might says:

    Man where the Division Agents at when you need em?😷

  8. Umbrella Corporation says:

    Currently as of now there are 344 “confirmed” cases and 14 deaths in the US.

  9. Fireball XL5 says:

    The crew got it!!!! WTF?

    Don’t worry ma’am, just stay in your cabin away from other passengers and our crew will bring you your food and drinks.

  10. Victor Hugo says:

    Coronavirus: *exists*

    Media: *it’s free real estate*

    Real estate meaning clicks

    • bobs hanery says:

      Sure but we have significantly more people dying daily from other things but i guess this is the new fresh scare. MSM needs to stop playing this as a doomsday horror movie virus.. People are freaking out when most will not even get it or die from it.. Children and young adults especially.

    • Benson says:

      @bobs hanery Part of my old job was risk assessment, so I’m not being alarmist. Yes people die everyday. Yes, we have no bananas. I mean, no, we have no immunity to this yet so a lot of people will end up getting this. It just remains to be seen how many. Infectious Disease doctors have warned for years that it’s not if but when we have to deal with a deadly disease again. Panic causes irrational decisions. But a healthy dose of caution will go along way to mitigate things.

      Btw, epidemics are managed by containment. Pandemics are managed with mitigation. It’s to late to to prevent this with quarantines. It’s now a matter of mitigating risks with common sense precautions.

    • Brandyn Little says:

      Thanks for clearing that up. I’m so dumb I would have never known real estate means clicks🙄

  11. halow4 says:

    That 21 infected will turn into 1000 in just a couple days. Watch

  12. Litolito 7 says:

    Condolences to family of those dead and wish those affected to be cured

  13. Skeet Parish says:

    This reminds me of the MOVIE THE CRAZIES

  14. david forte says:

    Why do the Americans hazmat suits not cover the entire body? The other countries medical staff are 100% covered and taped up.

    • John J. Rambo says:

      Because here we have a better immunity to all viruses since we live in toxic waste dumps 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Double Tap says:

      Medical staff in the U.S. understands how to deal with viruses. The reason why China mummified their medical staff shows that they don’t know how to deal with it.

      The virus was spreading in the thousands per week in China and even killing their doctors. It’s been spreading in the U.S. for at least two weeks (maybe even 3 weeks) and the total is what 120? 130?

    • Manuel Ibarra says:

      @John J. Rambo lmao

    • Jason C. says:

      @david forte, because it’s Not needed. “Coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread from person-to-person through respiratory droplets.”

    • Jason C. says:

      @Double Tap, right. U.S. medical people go off science rather than fear.

  15. Elias Reyes Jr says:

    19 crew members out of 21??
    maybe cruise line needs to stop and test their people

    • Tripwire says:

      The crew members have the closest quarters on the ship. One crew member gets it, they are all practically guaranteed to have it. Bet the two crew members who weren’t infected were the cap and the first mate, as they get private quarters. Think about it.

    • Cartier Cartier says:

      @Tripwire There are no test available because the test are MADE IN CHINA. China controls America and is single handily crushing our economy.

    • Tripwire says:

      @Cartier Cartier there are testing kits that can be manufactured in the us, if trump would give the cdc its funding back.

    • RXD TXD says:

      19 of the 21 people that tested positive. Doesn’t say how many total tested.

      Cruise ships have crews in the hundreds, and large ones like this over a thousand.

  16. Killa Kam says:

    19 crew members tested positive? Does that mean that possibly a few of them could have handled food and contaminated passengers meals or room deliveries

  17. Benson says:

    Remember: epidemic and pandemic are based of numbers infected and *_not_* the severity.

  18. Fi S says:

    Just one month ago we were laughing at Chinese government’s reaction…

    • bobs hanery says:

      Laughing? No.. Scared at how they treat Chinese citizens
      Killing family pets, banning leaving your homes, doing random “inspections” door to door, sending you to a hospital that looks like a jail if you even “seem sick”, silencing anyone who reports on the virus in a way they do not like (Remember the doctor?), burning bodies without identifying who it is etc
      No one was laughing….

    • Christian Zook says:

      I don’t think anyone was laughing when they quarantined 50 million people. Why do you think that? No one around me was laughing, hell most didnt even know China was quarantining entire cities

    • BC Bob says:

      Im still laughing at it. Those Commie fools deserve to pay for what they unleashed.

  19. wilr1000 says:

    “We’re all in this… together.”
    I just want to wish everyone good luck

  20. Kurama says:

    Everyone: *panicking*
    Andrew: it’s is like the flue but on steroids.

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