At least 8 dead, several others injured at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival at NRG Park, offic…

At least 8 dead, several others injured at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival at NRG Park, offic…

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  1. R4H13L says:

    These concerts for ALL AGES !!??, someone has to speak up, you can’t just bring children to these massive concerts, this is proof, when panic ensues the weakest will suffer first and in the worst case die, you can’t allow concerts when children have the highest chance of dying.

  2. BIG STAK says:

    This is so sad man. People lost their lives supporting their favorite artist .

  3. Cee Green says:

    These massive crowds and ridiculous behavior. This is so sad. Those who participated in the reckless behavior that cost people to lose their lives shame on you.

  4. IB JayB says:

    Don’t be surprised if this festival is cancelled indefinitely…..

  5. annieharriet says:

    The surge suffocated people. They became packed so close together, they couldn’t expand their lungs to take in air. The inability to breathe is what led to cardiac arrest. Can you imagine that? How horrific and panic-inducing to realize you were fading to black, because you had run out of air and the people crushing you from every angle were prevented from taking in even one tiny part of a breath.

    • Sister Sherry Doing Stuff says:

      Thank you for explaining what happened. The report didn’t do that, and I was wondering what the hell happened.

    • Keith suguey Mccartney Melara says:

      It’s a good start

    • Young Goose says:

      @Sister Sherry Doing Stuff she didn’t explain it, people were Overdosing on Fentanyl that’s what causes the deaths

    • Sister Sherry Doing Stuff says:

      @Young Goose Woa?

    • Dena C says:

      R E P EN T you are living in the
      END of DAYS
      S a t a n seeks to kill and destroy
      W A K E U P
      G O D S judgements are falling and will continue to shake things harder to bring you to true REPE N T. aN C E
      J. E. S. U S is the way the truth and Life
      You MUst be born again
      👉🏼HOLY SPIRIT 🕊🎺💕❤️💕🙏

      The whole world is under great deception trusting in them for protection and false safety

  6. your next door neighbor 1 says:

    I was going to go to this festival with a friend, but he bailed out last minute. I’m grateful he bailed out now.

    • Billy Bob says:

      @UCNzgy4EqplCrDo7jSF977Qg as travis says lol “wish you where here” 🤣 let these dumbf*cks complain

    • Leilanie Guerrero says:

      @illuminico 8 casualties but hundreds of people were injured.

    • Yb better than you says:

      I wouldve still went

    • Jazmin Davis says:

      They always says everything happens for a reason

    • NanoCheeZe MEQUAVIS says:

      @illuminico i guess you really don’t comprehend the fact that of those 50000 people, a Significant amount of those people stepped on or contributed to those 8 deaths. I see it clearly wouldn’t bother you, but would you really be ok knowing you might have been one of the causes of those peoples deaths, knowingly or not… A general rule of thumb anywhere in public is to survey you surroundings, if you could get trapped via fire, or etc type issues as we saw here, you leave… I know most people have trouble with that, but logical thought like that may save your life one day… everyone there has to wonder in the back of the mind if that crunch or bump on the floor wasn’t actually a person they helped kill… clearly unintentional of course, but that kind of thing tends to eat at people nonetheless…

  7. Smoker's Cough says:

    Absolutely terrible tragedy. Crowd stampedes are deadly. This brings me back to The Who concert tragedy in Cincinnati. RIP to the victims.

  8. Gilberto Silva says:

    Fans killing fans, there’s people who start aggressively pushing towards the front in a violent way. Not an understatement. Great job to the folks who did this, y’all got people killed.

  9. Kathleen Gaines says:

    When you Idolize people even so much that you can’t see a human being in front of you means your spirit is lost.

    • オタクちゃん says:

      @Tre16 I an a believer of the lord but I swear they be talking too crazy sometimes…like they think everything is deep and has a second layer this is just life and how it is.

    • オタクちゃん says:

      @Abel Orozco ummm first of all no even though the devil is a bad force we can’t just pin all the terrible crap that happens on him this time it’s the crowds fault and it’s also travis fault he should’ve listened and his fans should learn to calm down when a celebrity comes around and also he should’ve gotten more security, that’s all there is to it it’s not that deep.

    • Philirus says:

      Look at what social media has caused…

    • Night Owl Native flute says:

      There is a lot of lost souls in this world and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. This earth will cleanse itself soon

    • Swayzee YT says:

      @Night Owl Native fluteonly when Jesus comes back, but no it’s not getting any better until then

  10. Alterrockgirl 24 says:

    They kept the show going as they were taking dead bodies out.. smh more people could have been saved if they shut it down immediately after the first couple deaths

    • Alexis Alexander says:

      There is no common sense just common people. Stupidity rules the proof in the defense of it.

    • Bob KingofHam says:

      @Alex Crossandra what the hell is wrong with you, you are clearly part of the reason tragedies like this happen, your so blinded by your entitlement that you can’t see PEOPLE ARE DYING IN FRONT OF YOU. It’s not a matter of them “not handling it” it’s oversight by people like you that end up leaving someone not having a loved one come home the next day

    • IAmAlexisDanee says:

      You guys must have never been to a rock/trap concert before . Paramedics come to concerts all the time due to people passing out from being high or drunk it’s normal at a these types of concerts . I’m sure the performers did not know the severity of the situation .

    • Elemental Flanders says:

      Shouldve stopped with the security fence being toppled

    • Your mom And dad says:

      And Travis was ignoring a fan saying somebody is dead

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