At This Hour Cold Open – SNL

At This Hour Cold Open – SNL

Scottie Nell Hughes (Cecily Strong) defends Donald Trump’s (Darrell Hammond) comments about women to CNN’s Kate Bolduan (Kate McKinnon).

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20 Responses

  1. Karron Jordan says:

    some women suck others swallow

  2. banbur1011 says:

    This is about as original as Rachel Dolezal’s wig.

  3. Adam De Leon says:

    I want to marry Kate. I would turn into Caitlyn just to marry her no lie

  4. PitchToTheRhino1 says:

    These trwo girls are superstars

  5. terrytime115 says:

    SNL sucking for over 40 years…

  6. Scorch428 says:

    Hell yeah
    Women suck!!
    TRUMP 2016!!!

  7. Maaz Human says:

    “Oh I’ll be able to..” ??

  8. the fuck??? says:

    satire shouldn’t be this accurate

  9. kigozi muhammad says:

    This is why Donald is winning cuz suckers keeping talking about him like
    all the time . I bet about 6 billion people on earth have mouthed his name
    . Whether negatively or positively it doesn’t matter .

  10. eodguy83 says:

    Trump supporter here. That skit was hilarious. Clearly depicts the ignorant
    beliefs that democrats have and funny at the same time. Good Job SNL!

  11. Lakatos Gyula says:


  12. AutismPolice says:

    LOL, the lefty establishment and their puppet “entertainment” industry are
    running scared, it’s getting pathetically desperate

  13. RegularMoments says:

    omg, how can SNL say that about abortion. I don’t even like Donald Trump
    but I agree abortion should be illegal and if you do it you should go to
    jail, along WITH the doctor.

  14. Shuyu says:

    american grapes! YEAH!

  15. Shubham Machhi says:

    Make Donald Drumf again

  16. Gi O'Hara says:

    I swear what Cecily’s saying is actually a transcript from a trump
    supporter… ?

  17. dinero rey says:

    scotty is a retard cenk uyugur destroyed her on CNN

  18. dinero rey says:


  19. SexyEunuch says:

    How’s tweeting an unflattering picture of Cruz’s wife sexist, as opposed to
    tweeting an unflattering picture of a man?

  20. Jhon Shephard says:

    I am seriously surprised that Daesh, Russia, Iran or even North Korea
    aren’t using this election to turn Americans against each other more. You
    people are very lucky to have such dumb enemies. Keep it up you idiots,
    keep painting your opponents as the devil, keep bickering and don’t ever
    learn to objectively look at the other side in context and with the benefit
    of the doubt.
    Look at your mom/dad UK or your siblings Canada, Australia or New Zeeland
    that is how you have a civilized elections.