Atalanta 2-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Scores Dramatic Equaliser For 10-Man Juve | Serie A

Atalanta 2-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Scores Dramatic Equaliser For 10-Man Juve | Serie A

Cristiano Ronaldo came off the bench to drag Juventus back into the match, as he equalised for the away side despite an earlier red card.

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81 Responses


    cr7 best player in the world ❤️

  2. OP Destroyer224 says:

    And this is what happens if you start Ronaldo on the bench…

  3. RIP Belge says:

    Shit referee with bad middle field for juve but Ronaldo save the day

    • leonx gamingtv says:

      zakaria djouzi it’s a header …. he not going to score a header from 40 yards and the 3rd “goal” wasn’t a goal, it was offside hence why the game ended 2-2. At lest use common sense …

    • zakaria djouzi says:

      +RIP Belge lmao i don’t want him to do anything special coz after all he’s just a poacher but don’t act like if he saved the day single handedly when all he did was scoring a simple header 2 meters from the goal line when even Messi who acording to deluded Ronaldo fanboys like you who never fails to amaze us can’t score headers already scored harder headers than this one like atleast from the penalty spot lmao, and the red card of Bentacur that i saw it live by the way unlike you fanboy was 100% legit & clear so i guess you should watch another sport coz obviously you don’t know shit about football.

    • RIP Belge says:

      +zakaria djouzi wow can you show me harder headers from messi pls? Because cr7 has a ton of headers and is recognized as one of the best aerial player in the world. At least I can acknowledge messi by saying he is one of the best dribbler but you messi fans only knows to suck the dick of messi. And Bentancur was clearly not deserved, the other guy just dived like Suarez always do. At least try to be a little unbiased instead of always saying lies like a kid.

    • RIP Belge says:

      +zakaria djouzi by the way watch this video and tell me if the midget can shot farther from that?

    • RIP Belge says:

      +zakaria djouzi and here is another video of his headers and show me headers from messi stronger than them and don’t respond like a bitch pls

  4. Ohjus Holla says:

    Kings come back stronger. Siuuuu

  5. Was Khan says:

    56: Juve losing 2-1
    65: Ronaldo subbed on
    78: Ronaldo scored and Juve remain unbeaten

    Just Ronaldo things. ?

  6. Anuj Chaurpagar says:

    Whenever the team is in a difficult situation this man always delivers
    CR7 The King

    • Natsu Dragneel says:

      +Pisquila 99 haha u call that a pass…did u see his eyes after heading the ball? He was like where the fk did it go? ???

      Fk that….did u guys see Man City vs Leiceister???
      Thats one the funniest games ive seen this yr apart from Cr7 nutmegging himself….Aguero looked like a teletubby playing infront…it was so hilarious

    • Pisquila 99 says:

      Natsu Dragneel So its even better, he didn’t was selfish, he didn’t steal a goal, he made the goal

    • Panos Gamer says:


    • Tantai Pokpong says:

      Messi header against Manchester United

    • Lantorn says:

      +Roshan Mathews Tbh, be real, any player could have scored that header. U guys are praising him only because it’s Ronaldo, if Messi or some other player did that, you guys wouldn’t give a shit. Like, it’s a header 1 yard off the goal, and a basicly impossible angle for the keeper to save it.

  7. syoj rey says:

    CR7 & juve the best ⚽⚽??

  8. Lemon1173 says:

    Juventus got very lucky this time. Great game by Atalanta. Keep it up

    • Jackson Davis says:

      +Federico Russo it was plastic before that, really since Allegri took over and they started winning everything. But yeah, a lot of ppl “support” Juventus because of Ronaldo

    • Federico Russo says:

      +Jackson Davis Nahh they were great before that. Plastic with who however? I meant plastic by the fans, not the team really. I think Juve had more of a team than names a couple years ago. I followed more and more mostly because of Higuain and Dybala but they’ve been one of my favorite teams besides Boca Jrs. (team I follow)
      Instead we get all these “Juve” fans that are only here to see how Ronaldo does. The later were all Man U and Real Madrid fans xD…

    • Khairul Izwan says:

      +TheSaltMaker then tell me which league is the best now and why?

    • Jackson Davis says:

      +Federico Russo well, what I mean is a lot of Juventus “fans” only follow Juventus because of how dominant they are in Italy. They’re often looked down upon by a lot of Italians because they’re extremely rich and arrogant, really playing up the northern Italian stereotype. There are more Torino fans in Turin than there are Juventus fans. The way I see it, a lot of people banwagon Juventus so they can’t technically be called a “banwaggoner” since they’re not supporting Barcelona or real Madrid… But even in supporting Juventus just coz they win a lot is the same thing as supporting Barcelona or real. Really I hate Juventus fans because more often than not, they’re some deluded fanboy who knows nothing of serie a, disrespects my team, and believes Juventus are unrivalled – which is untrue. They’re dominant in serie a but there’s a reason why the win almost every match by a one or two goal margin and it’s coz serie a is not easy and Juventus know that better than anyone else

    • Michigo Xeo says:

      Atalanta poor club and noob dont have money to buy star player and say juventus lucky?haha save money and go buy neymar if jave money maybe if have money haha if dont have money just sign a noob player and keep say lucky lol

  9. zabou isabelle says:

    We do not leave “CR7” on a bench arfff

  10. Freyam Mehta says:

    The Ronaldo Effect????❤✨

  11. Ayin 90 says:

    cr7 why not play from scratch? I am disappointed. Although only one goal from cr7 I was very happy.-I’m a cr7 fan from malaysia

  12. DRAGO editZ says:

    Step 1: check the live scores,
    : If ronaldo has scored
    Step 2: go through match highlights

  13. A D says:

    You’ve always got a chance when he (Ronaldo) is there . ??

    • clickbait Police says:

      I I was you (which I will never be) I would have said

      You’ve always got a chance when the *GOAT* is there

  14. Alisha Cris says:

    Bad luck can work for few game but hard work and dedication that CR7 have… works always….?His bad luck is not bigger than his dedication and hunger on pitch?
    *I always believe you CR7 ??*

    • Tom Williams says:

      Cr7 and the whole team didnt ay the best game today but u cant fault his and our determinatiom to get a result in a very tough situation ?

    • Alisha Cris says:

      +Tom Williams bro.. I think for the chances he were given in today game…He gave his best.. JUVE didn’t play well today but I know they will come back stronger…I think after Atlanta 2nd goal they needed to do more attack and should create chances for forwards….But I m talking about CR7 in my comment because he always shows strong dedication in game even not scoring goal from last few games ..That I don’t see in anyone…That’s it I m praising CR7 nit hating anyone

  15. Aditya Kumar says:

    Still no rest for RONALDO….⚽

  16. Martin Lujan says:

    Gotta give Atalanta credit, they took advantage of the fact that Ronaldo wasn’t on the field.

    • Kirk Brown says:

      Natsu Dragneel Italy is no farmer’s league. Ligue 1 is. Do you even watch football?

    • Natsu Dragneel says:

      +Kirk Brown what happened to all my favs Roma, Inter and Napoli?
      Only Juventus is doin well…don like Juventus…they like Real Madrid…..

    • Natsu Dragneel says:

      +D1ld0 Sagg1ns unfortunatly yes…but watchin this game was almost the same….Juve was shit and Atlanta was shittier havin 1 more player and scoring an own goal

    • Natsu Dragneel says:

      Man United and Liverpools game were hell lot better to watch

  17. Binuka Gunawan Prayogo says:

    Poor CR7, he should get rest!! but the king can’t stand for losing!

  18. Dell Clouds says:

    I smell i smell i smell ??? sheeps coming to hate on Ronaldo. Comment section is going to be stink in an hr.

  19. Mitar Janković says:

    As a Messi fan, and a old supporter of Calcio in early 00’s, I’m very glad that Ronaldo gave back credit to Italian league. It became very interesting again???

    • vin's says:

      Why did you lose interest in calcio after early 00’s ?

    • Kazuro Jinzo says:

      How has the Italian league became interesting again? Juve have won the last 7 league titles consecutively? Yes Ronaldo is an exciting player, but considering he’s playing for the team that looks on its way to win their 8th consecutive title is confusing to me. The teams behind Juve are performing better it seems, like Napoli, Inter, AC Milan still need to improve quite a bit.

    • Mitar Janković says:

      +vin’s I lost interest after Calciopoli, because after that Calcio lost a lot of good players(not at that time, after 2 or 3 years, after 2010, the only good team was Juve, before that there was strong Milan, Inter, Roma, even Fiorentina was good). Calcipoli was the bomb that made Calcio lost my respect, and respect of a lot of fans. After that I became a fan of Barcelona, because of beatiful style of play they were playing. Not disappointed, even today I am watching it, no rigged matches

    • Mitar Janković says:

      +Kazuro Jinzo Last weeks there were a lot of interesting matches(not seen in Italy for a long time, but to be honest, there is a lot of road that Italian football needs to cross in case to be back at its finest)

    • dacid kapura says:

      +vin’s Most of us did.

  20. Southie says:

    Ronaldo and Mandzukic just play so well together. When either of them play without the other it mostly doesn’t work out, but when they work together they form a dangerous duo that is hard to beat. Mandzukic provided an assist for Ronaldo once again and then Ronaldo provided a good finish for Juventus to at least secure a draw.

    • Bhavesh Kahane says:

      allegri should try this
      ronaldo mandzukic
      dybala matuidi pjanic bentencour
      sandro chiellini bonucci cancelo

      dybala (free role) and sandro for crosses from left for both ST’s
      after 60 mins sub bentencour for costa or cuadrado

      by this formation ronaldo would be not wasted in wings
      ronaldo dosent have speed or dribbling now to play as winger ( man u ronaldo was perfect winger)

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