ATEEZ(에이티즈) – ‘Guerrilla’ Performance Preview

ATEEZ(에이티즈) – ‘Guerrilla’ Performance Preview

Release Date: 2022. 7. 29.

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24 Responses

  1. Solar Princess says:

    Шедевр! ATEEZ невероятные артисты! Горжусь! Forever!!!

  2. Night Moves Озвучка says:

    Ладно, я просто в восторге от того, как верещит Хонджун. (да-да, я знаю как это правильно называется, но называю это так)
    Просто боже мой, я это слишком люблю, а от эйтизов услышать это, от моих любимых эйтиз просто до свиданья, я всё. Слишком прекрасно.

  3. Liz Jiménez says:

    psychedelic sounds, screamo, rock and this is only half of the song. NO ONE IS DOING IT LIKE ATEEZ

  4. Samantha Shams says:

    Jongho’s vocals… he never fails to amaze us! As expected from ateez’s secret weapon

  5. Bubbly Winter says:

    I can’t stop looking at San, he looks amazing, his vocals, dancing and visuals looked amazing.

  6. like mengsan! says:

    Jongho’s high notes never fail it always amazes me what a golden voice

  7. wOnG sUsHi says:

    It’s confirmed, we’re all gonna be wrecked by another era of godly visuals, talent, and amazing vocals!

  8. Michi 97 says:

    Es como una mezcla de toda mi adolescencia, se siente como un poco de Linkin Park, un poco de Rammstein, un poco de TH jsjd AMO AQUI

  9. Baako Jernigan says:

    Can we talk abt Yeosang’s incredible improvement with presence, power, and facial expressions while performing? He’s a beast now and he’s really shining here

    • MY FLY says:

      couldn’t agree more…. he is so much different after a marathon of tours. everybody is going to higher level. even hongjoong leave his usual rap style.

    • Kate B says:

      I hope his confidence is rising because his skill sure as hell is!!!

  10. *TaeStar's* says:

    This is why Jongho is my bias, his vocals never disappoint!

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