Attack on Titan Final Season | CRESCENDO TRAILER

Attack on Titan Final Season | CRESCENDO TRAILER

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58 Responses

  1. Gohan says:

    Essa cena e épica demais Eren evoluiu muito desde as primeiras temporadas

    • Derek Badilla says:

      @Hent- I mean Anime the ending is technically the arc. Eren was never bad after all, but he was willing to hurt his friends and turn everyone against him to finally rid the world of the Titans. it is even more significant to know that Eren was never bad, because it makes us see all the internal suffering that he had since he made the decision

    • Julio Cezar Oliveira da Silva says:

      Evoluiu até perder a cabeça 🤪

    • Daniel apenas says:

      @Felipe0️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ imagina qm assiste one piece desde o primeiro ep e vê ele acabar

    • Felipe0️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ says:

      @Daniel apenas esse vai demorar em, é tanto ep q nem assisto

    • Daniel apenas says:

      @Felipe0️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ eu tava assistindo mas parei

  2. jack luffy says:

    Well this was…unexpected whoever made this trailer props to them!!!

  3. Unknown Variable says:

    I’ll be sad to see this anime go but we can all agree it is a classic and like no other anime before

  4. onizuka sensei says:

    This hit the feels pretty hard

  5. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    This trailer… It’s a flashback to their journey as friends and it’s almost like a flashback to our memories when we grew up with this anime. It’s going to be heartbreaking knowing the end is coming.

  6. Sean Davis says:

    The anime community is gonna really feel this finale. Almost a year later and I’m still not over it.

    • イヤンックIyankku says:

      @Games YES depends if you mean the community will feel good or if the ending is well written, because someone everyone seems to have forgotten that this is a dystopian anime and that’s with the announced changes for the ending to give the readers some kind of payoff so… Even if it is or isn’t a feel good ending I think you can at best say it’ll probably have controversial reception? Depends tho bc these are also anime onlys too as well as normies and other mainstream viewers. Who even knows what to really expect. Ending was in line with the rest of the story”s writing, though, if a smidge less clean due to isyama being emotional about it kinda so.

    • sebastianwillows says:

      @Karl Goodman Its really not that complicated…

    • Karl Goodman says:

      @sebastianwillows No, it’s not complicated. It’s willfully stupid.

    • Jet4455 says:

      @Karl Goodman how so?

    • kinkarcana1293 says:

      @Karl Goodman Agreed fam, only sub/hu/man re/tards actually think the ending to SnK made a modicum of sense rofl

  7. Satan Himself says:

    I love that anime, and absolutely love this song.
    Chopin – Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2

  8. Crunchyroll Collection says:

    Watch Attack on Titan Final Season here!

  9. Yasin Burak says:

    Man I remember when the first season dropped I was only in middle school and now I’m in college…, Time does really fly this shows a masterpiece

  10. ICEcold JT says:

    “I just keep moving forward…until my enemies are destroyed.” – Eren Ackerman

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