Attempted attack on Donald Trump at Dayton Ohio March 12, 2016

Attempted attack on Donald Trump at Dayton Ohio March 12, 2016

And attempted attack on Donald Trump during rally at hanger at Dayton international airport.

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20 Responses

  1. JazzTrumpetDub says:

    And I hope someone beats his supporters’ asses too

  2. M2brSaA says:

    Scary times!?

  3. Charbel Tannous says:

    1:25 “You essay you essay” Im da real essay here holmes..

  4. Hugo Conde says:

    Trump will fck USA ?☠??

  5. Angel cruz says:

    Fuck Donald trump ?

  6. Nate Brenneman says:

    One of these times someone is going to make it. They just need to
    coordinate it so multiple people rush the stage like at a concert when your
    stage diving. Or like at this one someone else could of made it while they
    all were dealing with this guy.

  7. FlashFusion K says:

    Oh… Well dang

  8. David Aguirre says:

    fuck my hitman failed

  9. Kevin baker says:

    Trump was ready for him the way the gazelle is ready for the lioness. After
    his little panic attack where he almost knocked the podium over and had to
    grab onto the secret service agent it is clear the Trump would be a perfect
    “coward in chief” if elected.

  10. MrDrAGz says:

    Donald Chump for President? Noo! Ronald McDonald for president? Yes!!
    #Endstarvation. I’ll have fries with that. ;)

  11. Valentine Holmes says:

    here’s a question:
    Beats Pill 2.0? or UE Megaboom?

  12. DA_SNIP3R 7873 says:

    All of Mexico should have rushed him 🙂 then his guards would not be any

  13. Irvin Robles says:

    cant wait for someone to kill this racist bitch.. pussy dude wont come to

  14. andrei guerrero says:

    all I heard repeatedly was “kill him”, “chop his head off”. the people of
    trump is more evil than isis

  15. Oscar Ramirez says:

    that guy that jumped over is a hero

  16. Owain Rutherfoord-Jones says:

    Trump must be ended

  17. Bea Al says:

    Why are these shitheads cheering?

  18. Kurt Gillis says:


  19. Sophia Washington says:

    How come liberals always say they are moving to Canada or Australia if
    Trump wins and never Mexico or Saudi Arabia?

  20. TimeForRealChange says:

    The only ones acting like Nazis in all of this are the left. They want to
    silence Trump and lash out or attack anyone who supports Trump. Sorry but
    Trump is not a Nazi or Hitler. The left are all Nazis.