Attempting A Hollywood Movie Audition!

Attempting A Hollywood Movie Audition!

In this episode of Out Of Our Comfort Zones Acting Edition we practiced a script and went in for a formal Hollywood Audition. It was scary… Watch to find out how we did..


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35 Responses

  1. Onehappiness Happy says:

    “where would my father Gurt be? at the yo-GURT” lmao ethan

  2. Samantha Flores B says:

    I was crying of laughter during the I love you son and the beep bop ????

  3. Sophia Levy says:

    Was anybody else just laughing through this whole thing? lol

  4. Fangirljunk says:

    why is gray surprised he has turtlenecks? he’s turtleman lmao

  5. ClickCrew PD says:

    I literally got *Nervous FOR THEM* at the audition ?

  6. Alce Alce says:

    if Grayson names his son gyle I’m going to laugh.

  7. abeer khan says:

    It’s funny how some actors are starting YouTube and some youtubers are starting acting ??

  8. Nick Corso says:

    That script couldn’t have been more perfect for the Dolan Twins ???

  9. Billies Bil Sack says:

    I was out of MY comfort zone watching this. They did really well

  10. **Grethma ** says:


  11. Simona Sugar says:

    Grayson: Gyle starts to cry
    Ethan: i HaVe tO CrY?!

  12. Shivani J says:

    how did they do that “WOOH” at the EXACT SAME TIME SO PERFECTLY 26:38

  13. Sonya M says:

    no one:
    the entire world:
    ethan and grayson: bEeP BeEP BoP bOp

  14. Aligirl says:

    Why does that kid look like Will from Stranger Things

    It’s a joke..

  15. Veronica Lijeron says:

    “Son, it’s not pants, it’s you. It’s us. It’s always been us” — I’M DYINGGGGG???

  16. Leah Grace says:

    “I still can’t find my dad Gurt.”
    “Where would be be?”
    “Maybe by the yoGURT”
    ??? 8:09

  17. papa boom boom says:

    Ahaaaaaa they couldn’t stop smiling when they were auditioning

  18. Reritta J says:

    How about this Out Of Our Comfort Zones idea:

    Dolans become singers

  19. Angel Cuffee says:

    Next our of our comfort zone: singing and then auditioning for XFactor

  20. Stephen Ketchum says:

    okay but who wants them to make a short film now ?‍♂️✋

    Small YouTuber who sucks at acting ?

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