Attempting a Pokémon Nuzlocke vs 6 YouTubers

Attempting a Pokémon Nuzlocke vs 6 YouTubers

I turned Pokémon nuzlockes into a competitive event alongside @jaidenanimations, @failboat, @yakirisu, @cjya, and @CaptainKiddYT!
#Pokemon #Alpharad #Nuzlocke

Feel free to use the version of Pokémon Emerald we used:

Our versions were based off of this one:

➤ FizzMax:

➤ me (drafted)

➤ Koro:

➤ Crystel:

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47 Responses

  1. cjya says:

    That Unown exclamation was a good pick and I stand by it

  2. Patterrz says:

    Drafting Pokemon for a Nuzlocke is such a cool idea, also incredible character development from Braden, so proud

  3. Captain Kidd says:

    Onix is truly the gift that keeps on giving

  4. Failboat says:

    I actually called up that Biker on the bridge, ngl pretty cool person. Shouldn’t have been so judgmental

  5. Gamma Ikazune says:

    It took over a year, but Captain Kid has finally redeemed himself from the Onix incident

    • Dragon Mster says:

      @PickleVik There is no Onix Incident in Ba Sing Se

    • Muhammed Badjie says:

      @Hayden Jones Kidd told Jacob to switch out to Onix against a Jynx, Jacob was against the idea the entire time cause he knew Onix would’ve died right away and did it solely to prove a point. A point that was proven right away as Onix went down in 5 seconds and resulted in Jacob screaming at him about it, to where his only justification was that he thought Onix had sturdy, problem is Onix did have sturdy but the sturdy he was thinking of was gen 5 and after while the Nuzlocke Jacob was doing was on fire red a gen 3 game.

      No matter how you look at it the info that was given was simply bad, which is why Kidd got clowned on for it.

    • nyon_rt says:

      ​@BCNDOOZ it be ok oij8i8j hi 8

    • AHeckman118 says:

      Holy shit that’s THAT Brayden? What a redemption

    • Hayden Jones says:

      What is this referring to?

  6. ZeNEggs101 says:

    cj struggling throughout the whole thing, yaki always being lost and needing jaiden to guide her, jacob sweeping until falling short at the very end, boats commentary with that sick burn about the phone numbers, and kidd pulling through to victory, every perspective was brilliant and it was so fun to watch it unfold live

  7. Fish says:

    The greatest redemption arc for Brayden: from the onix clip to top nuzlocker

  8. Goodish says:

    I love how Cj’s fight against Flannery was spread throughout the video so it just randomley cuts to one of his pokemon dying

  9. MasterMuffles says:

    The funniest part about with yaki is that she wasn’t even doing that bad, she just had no idea where to go

    • Poko says:

      @Maaya1717 She just yelled so much and had 0 idea about the game, really dont know why she was invited

    • Twaggy Theatricks says:

      ​@Maaya1717 Yeah, it’s fine! ^_^ I wasn’t being a jerk about the “opinions” part, it’s just tastes and preferences. Like, I found her situation genuinely hilarious (especially since she actually wasn’t doing _that_ bad in the battle side of things), but like you’re totally valid for… you know. Not feeling this way? XD

      I found Failboat’s constant fearful anxiety to be hilarious for the same reason.

    • Maaya1717 says:

      @Twaggy Theatricks yeah she give me a headache i just dont like girls that overly yield for everything xD

    • Maaya1717 says:

      @Poko she was annoying poor Jaden i just feel bad for her having to babysit and having to deal with her stressful attitude -_- when Jaiden was just so chill xD

    • Maaya1717 says:

      …. yeah she was not doing good ether + been lost and having Jaiden babysitting her ^^’

  10. ISM says:

    For anyone curious, a full list of Pokemon dying to Flannery’s Pokemon using Overheat:

    13:28 – Jaiden’s Quagsire (Torkoal)
    14:34 – Failboat’s Marowak (Torkoal)
    15:57 – Jaiden’s Zubat (Slugma)
    16:05 – Jaiden’s Lapras (Slugma)
    16:23 – Captain Kidd’s Graveler (Torkoal)
    16:39 – Cjya’s Dugtrio (Torkoal)
    17:29 – Cjya’s Sableye (Camerupt)
    17:49 – Cjya’s Sudowoodo (Camerupt)
    20:51 – Cjya’s Poliwhirl (Torkoal)
    21:52 – Yaki’s Starmie (Torkoal)
    22:22 – Yaki’s Tauros (Camerupt)
    22:55 – Cjya’s Fearow (Camerupt)

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