Attempting ANOTHER Random Pokémon Nuzlocke…

Attempting ANOTHER Random Pokémon Nuzlocke…

Pokémon Nuzlockes were never meant to be easy, so how about we randomize it full of legendary beasts?
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32 Responses

  1. TheDieThrower says:

    Bianca’s dad wasn’t trying to get her to stay home to protect her, but to protect the world FROM her.

  2. im gonna munch im gonna crunch says:

    Biancas arc through black and white makes her randomizer team even more hillarious.

    • Ian Taakalla says:

      When Bianca is one of those “I must suppress my strength as I will be a danger to myself and others” characters

  3. FTF says:

    Every time Bianca appears and dramatic music starts playing, it makes me laugh. She’s seriously the scariest being in this randomizer.

  4. CaruCath97 says:

    Bianca really was like “Oh I’ll never be as good as Cheren, my Raikou will never compare to his Silcoon”

  5. Lyzder says:

    This run is basically Alpharad experiencing Jaiden’s luck the whole time

  6. JaysWing says:

    I love how bianca gets the legendaries even though she’s just the most shy and sheltered kid ever who doesn’t battle

  7. drummr1313 says:

    I love that it’s always Bianca, probably the sweetest and kindest character in BW, who elicits the greatest fear in Alpha

  8. Augusta Rosemary says:

    My headcanon is that Bianca kept bringing legendaries to counter the ones she expected Jacob to bring and then he just never did so she put them (mostly) away for a fair final fight

    • Daniel James says:

      “Well I’m finding them, so surely he is too”

      And then the hilarious bit being that it _wasn’t_ her underestimating the rarity of legends, it’s just that Jacob kept just barely missing them.

  9. dumb edits idk says:

    I like how the most innocent and harmless rival in history of Pokemon suddenly became a legendary trainer who inspires fear in the heart of jacob everytime he sees her

  10. W1nTher says:

    Alpharad: Alright Nuzlocke might be starting to go well

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