Attempting To Eat 30 Burgers at IN N OUT..

Attempting To Eat 30 Burgers at IN N OUT..

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34 Responses

  1. Banks Nicholson says:

    Steve 100 or 120 McDonald’s chicken nuggets!!!!

  2. Michael Cavalier says:

    Steve reminds me of what a young Rob Gronkowski wudda been like in high school

  3. Bryan Bibbo says:

    Brother! So glad you made you’re own channel. Loving the content so far, super entertaining. Proud of you!

  4. Theo Shields says:

    Steve will do it. How bout 30 donuts from dunkin next?

  5. Real Ganstas says:

    Jake Paul : 6 mill in six months
    Steve : 200 k in a couple of days

  6. Cristian Chavira says:

    Nelk really helped this man blow up. How nice. 240k subscribers in a day

  7. LowBlowJoe says:

    The peoples reactions are the best part of this video. Steve gonna take over, road to 1 Mil.

  8. PRO TECH BRO says:

    Steve u rock bro waiting to see a vape challenge

  9. Apple Hex says:

    Next Video:

    Full Sending 100 Coronas

  10. Francesco Cenni says:

    Replying to all comments…. can’t do that when your vid hits 500K in 12 hours😂 good luck

  11. Gruff speaks! says:

    Love the content bro you earned a sub and bell

  12. SeanMacSucks says:

    Damnnn my mans is at 250k already. Kyle said it, fastest growing channel on YouTube 😉

  13. BigAssWhiteBoy702 says:

    Responding to all comments doubt you were thinking you would hit 250k in a couple days lol. Great vid!

  14. E Lo says:

    Nice of Steve to give food to the homeless man.
    Lezgoooo Steve 200k 👀 subs in a day?!?!?!?

  15. EMPERADOR 05 says:

    The best TRAILER trailer my YouTube channel

  16. Wolyo12 says:

    Nice work mbappe this was a clever video!

  17. turnertrevor17 says:

    Eating 30 Taco Bell hard tacos with 30 packs of diablo sauce

  18. megavore97 says:

    I love how 9-0 and Kyle are filming,

    NELK squad where you at?

  19. 666ex says:

    Keep doing it in public I love the reactions 😂👌🏾 except for that one Spanish dude who was doing the most 😐

  20. Eric Champlin says:

    I moved from California to Tennessee a few years ago and it’s videos like these that make me miss California 🙁

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