Attracting An Alpaca With An Accordion | Nowhere Else

Attracting An Alpaca With An Accordion | Nowhere Else

Trust us, there’s nowhere else in the universe that you’ll see something like this. GMM #1217
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60 Responses

  1. Sheerydawn Cendana says:

    i havent watched gmm videos in years i regret my decision

  2. BROSED says:

    This video is only a MINUTE LONG! I was okay with the shorter episodes when you started because there was a longer video but all the videos today are super short and this is ONE MINUTE (well 1:44) Like what?? But all the other episodes were really good like they felt like normal episodes. This ones just a little short for my taste 😂

  3. Chivas Aurora says:

    A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion. But doesn’t.

  4. Voto Studios says:

    This is my favorite concept.

    • MsAriesQueen says:

      They are just being them selves and having fun doing it. To all you guys complaining watch their GMMore episode where they talk about these changes. What they want out of themselves. Its not just for us guys, but for them too! Read their book!! 😀

  5. Holly Nicole says:

    One minute? You’re kidding.

  6. VonTreece says:

    Wow. A whole minute of “content”. Been a long time subscriber and have been watching since S1. Sad to see GMM in this state. 🙁

  7. DamianLIVE says:

    woah I am the 1,000th viewer and 81st liker!

  8. Lord Takahashi says:

    I had enough time to eat a piece of bacon in this episode.. Wooh..

    I love your show but I hate this new format, I’m sorry. It’s just my opinion. But one minute? Really?

    • commongamer223 says:

      Lord Takahashi first video has the old format and the first ones are always the longest, these other videos are just short add ons plus you don’t even have to watch them when the first video has the same feel as the old ones

    • Joe Rhino says:

      The total length of the videos today was 25 minutes and you complain that ONE of them was under 2 minutes. You people will complain about anything…

  9. MIND MILK says:

    Not keen on numbering each part as a separate episode.

  10. Jackson Smith says:

    This video doesn’t even make sense and it’s not funny. I don’t get how you could think this is funny it’s funnier to think about how you thought this was funny rather than the actual video.

  11. SugoiKuroi says:

    Wow. I was actually enjoying today’s videos and then this happened. Thanks

  12. AnUglyPineapple says:

    Was the time it took to even set all this up even worth it?

  13. Simon James says:

    Rhett and Link I was really enjoying today’s Good Mythical Morning and the 3 previous videos were really good but this was such a bummer of an ending. This video is so short and the concept really didn’t work for me. I still enjoyed the overall show though.

  14. Lance Agleron says:

    The ad is longer than the video wp

  15. Colin Heyl says:

    This is a pretty awful video, guys :/

  16. UnPhayzable says:

    Looks like Abraham Lincoln was resurrected and became an accordian playing Alpaca enthusiast

  17. I am Fab says:


  18. Marie Zombiie says:

    That Alpaca’s hair is so punk rock 🤘

  19. RaspyStatus says:

    What do you call it when Alpacas sing?


  20. RaspyStatus says:

    What do you call Alpacas taking over the world?

    The Alpacalypse.

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