Aubrey Plaza Gave Aziz Ansari Blood & Hair – CONAN on TBS

Aubrey Plaza Gave Aziz Ansari Blood & Hair – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: After wrapping “Parks & Rec,” Aubrey wanted to give Aziz something very special to remember her by.

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20 Responses

  1. OrbitalAngel Nebula says:

    Bahahaha Aubrey is hilarious :)

  2. Tyler Mounsey says:

    I’d be happy that it’s not real blood and human hair, that’s fucking

  3. Dan Slash says:

    That doesn’t look like real blood actually, it turns a brownish color when
    it dries.

  4. Northwestnative55 says:

    It sucks that Parks & Rec is over*

  5. Emily hancock says:

    LOVE Aziz Ansari :)

  6. Movl says:

    Illuminati rituals im telling ya!

  7. ShallowDepression says:

    I thought he was talking about a hotel lol.

  8. Marius says:

    I’ll perform some sexual act with my penis on to Aubrey’s vagina, if you
    know what I mean.

  9. rip gandalf the gay says:

    i feel sick cuz of this video

  10. Vendrix says:

    that chick is so so damn weird.

  11. Pauline Smith says:

    That girl is weird af lol!

  12. Dead Planet says:

    Devil worshipers

  13. Matthew Diga says:

    dang! ow

  14. sweet7 says:

    Aubrey Plaza gives me life.& I love Aziz so i’m glad they’re close

  15. HongYi Lim says:

    ahh…another shitty comedian at conan show

  16. Rico Angelino says:

    he looks like a meerkat

  17. papapapenis says:

    I would use Aubrey plaza’s blood as lube to masturbate

  18. shafta99 says:

    i would be mad too cause when the technology gets there he could make a
    clone of aubrey plaza to keep for himself like in starman but now he can’t.

  19. yourpuppetnews says:

    Oh so when Aubrey does it, it’s trendy, when I do it, I get a restraining

  20. Kurt Cocaine says:

    The only thing comical about Aziz Ansari is how far he’s gotten with so
    little talent. He is by far the least funny person in American comedy.