Aubrey Plaza Smokes Pot with the Weed Nuns

Aubrey Plaza Smokes Pot with the Weed Nuns

Watch The Little Hours Trailer:

See the film:

Special Thanks to Aubrey Plaza and Sisters of the Valley!

The Sisters of the Valley are a group of women who support themselves by making cannabis products and other pain relief plant-based tonics and perform their work in a spiritual environment.

Watch the movie The Catholic League called: “Trash Pure Trash”

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20 Responses

  1. juicy eyeball says:

    Reads the title.

    Cool , I click

  2. ooD4V1Dxx says:

    I swear Aubrey just keeps getting better like a bottle of fine wine

  3. Haborym says:

    This is the last thing i expected to see in my sub box but Im very glad it did

  4. Quel M says:

    Oh yeah wake and bake with weed nuns!

  5. ProcrastiJade says:

    “If pizza’s a vegetable, I’m a nun.”
    I’m gonna apply this logic to literally everything in my life

  6. Matthew says:

    why aren’t the nuns I see like this?

  7. Quortney Moulton says:

    Aubrey is my favorite, but this video had to be the most awkward hahahaha the nun to the right barely said anything .

  8. Jay Cee says:

    Were the producers high too when they thought of this concept haha “lets make aubrey plaza smoke weed with the weed nuns for 50 mins”

  9. Penn Cale says:

    That nun on the right is hotter than Aubrey.

  10. K bryant says:

    “If pizza is a vegetable, then I’m a nun”

  11. Mari Coupé says:

    ‘if Jesus lived he probably smoked weed’

  12. Koyl •_• says:

    Am I the only one who finds the young nun gorgeous?

  13. Jonas says:

    Religion 2017.

  14. Niki Mullinax says:

    if all else fails in my life, I’m going to go be a weed nun. ?

  15. WatchCut Video says:

    Check out Aubrey’s movie “The Little Hours” Red Band Trailer:
    and visit to find a theatre where its playing near you.

  16. Karol Szymanski says:

    The nun on the right has such a cute smile

  17. SailingSeignior says:

    “Do you guys believe in a higher power?”

    I see what you did there.

  18. Kirsten Sjostrom says:

    Aubrey seemed off in this video. She’s usually funny and charismatic but in this video she came off as cold and uninterested. Idk maybe it’s her high but this vid was awkward to watch

  19. Serceew Dawngold says:

    is it weird that i’m attracted to all three?

  20. ThisIsViridus says:

    These women aren’t nuns. If they want to promote weed, fine, whatever. But stealing the terminology and clothes of an actual religion is bullshit.

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