Aubrey Plaza Wants To Be Swaddled Like A Baby – CONAN on TBS

Aubrey Plaza Wants To Be Swaddled Like A Baby – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Aubrey has the opposite of claustrophobia, she likes being in small, confined spaces.

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20 Responses

  1. Sandra Guardado says:

    April Ludgate forever!!!

  2. Bader Alrashed says:

    I’m a simple guy, I see Aubrey I press the like button

  3. Jstn 8156 says:

    This bitch is funny

  4. Paul Rudd's Mom says:

    People have called me a swaddle master.

  5. bangtan sonyeondan says:

    “im so excited”
    *dead eyes*

  6. Tondo the Awesome says:

    she better snatch that Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series nomination!

  7. Some guy named Mike says:

    I like her outfit, she looks hot in it, plus her kinda awkward comedy makes her even more attractive imo

  8. pyroblast3000 says:

    wow what a cowinky-dink my penis like to be swaddled also…

  9. Melanie Dawn says:

    In other words, she likes to be choked.

  10. Cyborg Noodle says:

    She’s kind of similar to April Ludgate in real life, sweet.

  11. Naaman McCullah says:

    Some ones interested in bondage

  12. John Dickenson says:

    I’m thirstier than my Muslim friends during Ramadan

  13. Jasonnnp says:

    I’d park my Aubrey in her Plaza.

  14. Francisco Sousa says:

    I’d like to be choked to death by Aubrey.

  15. DMC Dweeb says:

    I bet she’s a freak in bed

  16. Andres M says:

    Aubrey: *getting wrapped in plastic* Harder daddy!
    Person of the production: WHAT!?
    Aubrey: WHAT?

  17. Erick Linhares says:

    She always seems like she’s dead inside. Stil hot asf.

  18. Ronnie Leonard says:

    I wanna have sex with her everywhere

  19. Peter Comedy Videos says:

    i’d drink her bathwater

  20. Niles S says:

    This looks like a job for

    Bert Macklin

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