Aubrey Plaza’s “Parks and Rec” Birthday Reunion – CONAN on TBS

Aubrey Plaza’s “Parks and Rec” Birthday Reunion – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: For her birthday, Aubrey had cupcakes with Chris Pratt, Retta, & Anna Faris. And then burst into tears at her own mortality.

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20 Responses

  1. Brandon Espinosa says:

    Never watched Parks and Rec or Game of Thrones……never will!!

  2. Meisy Angely Medina Martinez says:

    i read “aubrey plaza” and i click thats my life at this point

  3. kramer911 says:

    lool wut, shes great

  4. Naveed Khalid says:

    she just tries too hard to be funny

  5. thatguythatsthere says:

    She turns me on in so many ways…..

  6. Michael Wiswell says:

    no, no. no, no.

  7. bj0rn says:

    Aubrey is the only one who’d refer to having cupcakes with friends as “they
    did it *to* me” rather than “they did it *for* me”.

  8. Bianca Palumbo says:

    She is my inner animal……

  9. Elothan Thulum says:

    I’m wet…

  10. Samuel Fryer says:

    Oh Raven… its time to go back to Titans Tower.

  11. bananaboomer says:

    She’s so depressing that it’s attractive

  12. nintendonerd says:

    her awesome Buttercup cosplay.

  13. teed says:

    i will only see April in her, forever :)

  14. Michelle Georgina says:

    I set my friends on fire

  15. Ton van Egmond says:

    guys common this is acting. it’s funny though!

  16. CaviteChe says:

    Would definitely want wake Aubrey Plaza up on her birthday by making have
    an intense, eyes rolling to the back of her head, jaw dropping, toe
    curling, and body tremor inducing orgasm! If she were my girlfriend!

  17. Balzsack mcdouchwad says:

    Aubrey Plaza is so unfunny.

  18. Johnny Quid says:

    Damn, she looks fine with that short hair.

  19. Distant System says:

    Holy crap I wish I knew her..her outlook on life sure resonates with me…

    Wow we think alike.

  20. Andy Goodman says:

    I usually cry on my birthday too