August Alsina – WAIT (Official Video)

August Alsina – WAIT (Official Video)

August Alsina – WAIT (Official Video)

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20 Responses

  1. Miss Juicy Baby says:


  2. Joey Folse says:

    Can’t wait for the Album “DRUGS” ????

  3. kiyah williams says:

    when your in school so you stop working just to watch this video ??

  4. Coolie gyal says:

    2017 is definitely his year, idc

  5. Cheryse Stansberry says:

    who all here before 1 mill views

  6. Bre'Lynn Gaming says:

    I HAVEN’T clicked sooo fast before lmao ??? Daddy ??

  7. lunetta williams says:

    Wow, very nice and classy August. I really am seeing your growth, even your
    pants has reached your waist line…good for you. the video is very much
    approved…keep WINNING King!

  8. Carlos Lara says:

    him and Chris brown are the kings !!!

  9. Cosmic Q says:

    That Afro needs to go lmaoooo ?

  10. NatesLife says:

    2 new songs/ videos in a week :o

  11. Mookie Brantley says:

    I want the old August back he’s starting to look a little suspect he seem
    so unhappy

  12. Dina Diamond says:

    his vocals are on point!

  13. Logan Bennett says:

    His voice has really matured

  14. Heaven Onley says:


  15. jfraz1992 says:

    I fux with the music but he came in the game thugged out & now he’s looking
    suspect as fuck ???smh

  16. Landfall's Very Own says:

    August, that fake baby hair, and tired texturizer need to WAIT. I’m going
    to need Aug to go back to the pre-fame version of himself.

  17. Kimari bush says:

    Why he look different like his face ??

  18. sequna collins says:

    Smh. Yall mfs kill me. All y’all know is ghetto shit. This man is growing
    as a man and a artist, he doesn’t have to sing about the same shit you can
    look out of your window & see on a daily. It’s called GROWTH & MATURITY,
    there is more to life than hood shit. Grow up. Sick of y’all simple mfs
    living in the pass. foh

  19. toysbest says:

    I don’t like the James Brown hair do

  20. HEY says:

    wow weak i clicked cuz i thought it was asap rocky ?