Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger Returns

Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger Returns

“Cower. Worship. Marvel. All appropriate responses, really.”

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20 Responses

  1. Çağatay Kahraman says:

    Aurelion Sol can destroy stars and planets and Graves can’t have his cigar!

  2. Gameonkel Zocker says:

    This is nice ^^

  3. RazerH4zer says:

    Well that was epic

  4. MyDark Desire says:

    He talks just like Optimus Prime,and then he will fuck up in League

  5. Genosty says:

    poor Leona…there’s no sun anymore

  6. The BerserkSoul :D says:

    Anybody saw lee sin?

  7. Erza Nightwalker says:

    sitting in base with 3k gold Gragas- “Aurelion Sol why aren’t you leaving
    “Dragons love gold, great barrel rider.”

  8. Sir Ridley says:

    With his passive it opens a little mini game where you have to play a
    little Mario party mini game that opens up a little mini game
    litttilitttilitttttttle mmmmini game dragon quest mini game GOD DAM MINI

  9. Kyle Nigel Rosales says:

    just make a champion voiced by Morgan Freeman :P

  10. Donald TRUMP says:

    0:56 just pause and u will seee that he looks like a rat twirch or

  11. Kristoffer Øverås says:

    You can say he is a Popstar… You know, cause he is a star forger…

  12. Vlad Inderjoschi says:

    Optimus Prime voice ? o.O

  13. ‫נתי נגר‬‎ says:

    I rely want that him gonna be sup pls senpai ^-^

  14. 1CJMac1 says:

    Hello Galactus

  15. iilovericeLEL says:

    oh god….he finally came….he want us to stop banning his daughter soraka
    in champ select…..have mercy sir.

  16. Tokinblk2 says:

    Why does he remind me of Galactus and Unicron in one lmao

  17. Felix Sauvageau says:

    OMG that taric rework is SO EPIC!

  18. Allele Weird says:

    Dark Celestial that killed Ao Shin? Sweet.

  19. Pix Tron (GravityTrash) says:

    *Fucking Dragon that forges stars comes to fight us*

    *Turns out to be a weakass Support with a 26% Winrate*

  20. boughtdragon says:

    guys we get it, the new champion is Omen. you can tell by the plants on the
    planets he destroys.