Austin McBroom And AnEsonGib Get Heated During Sit-Down Interview | TMZ Sports

Austin McBroom And AnEsonGib Get Heated During Sit-Down Interview | TMZ Sports

Tensions were at an all-time high when Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib visited the TMZ office on Monday … with the two YouTube superstars getting in a heated confrontation ahead of their boxing match.


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42 Responses

  1. AnEsonGib says:

    Where is the rest of the Face2Face? LOOOL I know Mcbroom was embarrassed and asked to edit 10mins off the interview 😂😂😂

  2. Stardust Legacy Fighter says:

    Austin is delusional af if he’s seriously telling us that Bryce is more tough than Gib. 🤦‍♀️

  3. WhosThere? says:

    AnEsonGib is the best thing about this whole Youtube boxing scene😂 Acts Calmly and speaks reasonably unlike most Youtube boxers who act like they can actually box. The guys actually likeable

    • WhosThere? says:

      @cloudsfollow Jake definitely doesnt believe he can beat Canelo. Its attention seeking and its worked. Jake and KSI both act like they are legitimate professional boxers. Theyve both made it their personalities. Lets not pretend like KSI hasnt said the most deluded shit too

    • Xcrv says:

      @Dakota Luttrell ur saying that about gib 🤣🤣😂😂 U clearly havent seen Austin m8 lmao, actual joke artist

    • Marco Perez says:

      Gib can’t fight for shit. 🤣

  4. Hendrix-04 says:

    austin needs to be humbled he acting like he’s all that but he’s hasn’t even fought anyone impressive, gib has had 4 fights and he’s fought ppl on his level unlike mcbroom

  5. TroyLewis10 says:

    Gib: “Did you just gas up Bryce as an opponent?” 😂😂😂😂

    • Mr Drago Man says:

      @Teo S He’s definitely not 6’1 cause logans like 6’2 or 6’3. Jakes either 5’10 to a near 6’0.

    • Mr Drago Man says:

      @anirudh achantani Aye exactly but honestly for me I think the weight had something to do with it, he came in his heaviest and was struggling with the dipping but he did the same against swingler a bit and was fine but was lighter. The pressure definitely got to him tho

    • L.P says:

      @JP Rocky Tayler Holder didn’t throw or land shit the whole fight. Some of it is credit to Gib’s defense but the guy was scared to throw. The amount of times that Gib was wide open in that fight and Tayler didn’t throw anything coz he was so concerned about what was coming at him.

    • anirudh achantani says:

      @Mr Drago Man harry said that in his stream that it was unbelievable for gib to fight jake . He underperformed due to all the pressure and eyes on him . Imagine a fifa youtuber fighting probably the biggest youtuber .

    • Kishawn Garage says:

      @JP Rocky Taylor holder my ass talking all that and lost

  6. Built At_the_beach says:

    He says gib had to lose 20+ pounds to fight him cause he naturally walks around at 200-215 then proceeds to call gib little lmao this dude contradicts everything he says

    • jetskitonio says:

      @Built At_the_beach I agree with everything you just said. I honestly got gib winning 💯

    • Zykn says:

      @Kalum Jackson well yeah but gib has longer reach which actually matters lol

    • Built At_the_beach says:

      @Kalum Jackson naw when gib said he was in the best shape of his life mcbroom said nah he looks a little small then said his arms looks small. He’s not being sarcastic he just doesn’t have anything to say so he’s spatting shit out. Of course when u lose weight and get more cut ur arms are gonna look smaller. He also used to speak so highly of Taylor holder and now he’s saying he had an easy fight lol he fought bryce hall 🤣. He took an L on this. Idk if gib wins this or not tbh. But what I’ve seen gib is a tough dude that works his ass off. I hope Austin mcscammer gets KO’ed

    • Kalum Jackson says:

      @Zykn 🤷‍♂There’s people who are like that even if they have a small height difference

    • Zykn says:

      @Kalum Jackson austins like an inch taller and gib has 2 inches in reach

  7. lilwavesz says:

    it’s very clear that even with them cutting clips out, Gibs was in control the entire interview. The entire time, austin was on defense and reacting to Gibs, while Gibs was completely confident and owning the space and the conversation. Shows who’s more in charge without even saying anything

  8. young california says:

    Austin was looking down the whole interview😂 he looks scared no cap he doesn’t know what he got himself into

  9. Vizz says:

    Even with Austin editing out most of the interview, Gib still destroyed him😭

  10. MoRpH says:

    austin compared to his build up with his first fight, looks less confident. I don’t think he is taking this seriously

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