Australian Teens Try American Cereal

Australian Teens Try American Cereal

”You can smell the sugar!”

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Rachel Rasko
Caitlin Browne
Keiden Cheung
Daniella Antunes
Wade Matthews
Liam Walker


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20 Responses

  1. Bella Loves Foxes says:

    Who here is NOT American??

  2. pc Pro says:

    My First Reaction To this Check it out Lmao

  3. Sandy James says:

    NO ONE eats captain crunch without the BERRIES!!!!!

  4. Alan Daniel says:

    You guys should have gotten Australian kids to try these cereal

  5. Suneed Ahmed says:

    Dude she was so right about the marshmallows in lucky charms lol

  6. Ameera Stitt says:

    Was anybody eating cereal while watching this?

  7. April Williams says:

    they are so rude about our cereal, your not getting diabetes xD

  8. LinzBelle says:

    eating Reese’s mini xmas trees now, mmmmm

  9. Mr. Bolt says:


  10. KingCindy says:

    so funny how everything is way too sugary for anyone who isn’t american

  11. Cheryl Lamar says:

    Throwing shade to the extreme damn

  12. David Ramirez says:

    They’re so biased

  13. vince daffon says:

    have you seen beyonce new cereal commercial ???????lol

  14. Maisie Prescott says:

    “These are like fruit loops on crack”
    Finally, an expression to describe how I feel.

  15. lovelylittlelyrics says:

    Why are all of these just the sugary cereals we do carry healthy cereal

  16. Garima Prashar says:

    These fuckers are pissing me off

  17. canadaeast says:

    Lucky Charms is the worst cereal on the planet. Those “marshmallow” things
    are disgusting.

  18. Alvie Rahman says:

    how the hell is cereal different

  19. Dad says:

    The girl in red needs to chill out. It’s just cereal..

  20. Emma :3 says:

    Wow, Buzzfeed. You’re making every American look like an Obese pig who eats
    nothing, but sugar.