Australians Try Popular American Shots

Australians Try Popular American Shots

“All of these shots remind me of breakups.”

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20 Responses

  1. Martina Stevenson says:

    some popular ones in Canada are. porn star (blue bols and raspberry
    sourpuss) Burt Reynolds ( captain Morgan and butterscotch schnapps)
    marihuana milkshake (melon bols crème de cacao and milk) China white (crème
    de cacao with Irish cream dribbled on top to make a separation and
    cinnamon) apple pie ( green apple sourpuss and butterscotch schnapps with
    cinnamon on top). those are just a few that are very popular where I live.

  2. Hannah Hudson says:


  3. ForeverLin23 says:

    If you want to live here come now actually never mind DONT because trump
    might be president. Come when you know he won’t be president.

  4. Livinginahouse says:

    I have a dream, that one day the Lebanese girl will appear in a video
    without her hat!

    Not that it looks bad, it’s just… why are you wearing it in all. videos.

  5. darla says:

    Love the woman in the hat, she’s my fav. Come to America!!!!

  6. Sandra Birkelid. says:

    I would rather live in Australia than America

  7. Chanaria Fussell says:

    i love you buzz feed

  8. Ashely Burke says:

    where’s the liquid marijuana? My favourite

  9. Hitomi Ishikura says:

    Why is Tanya so hot

  10. Leviticus says:

    bloody hipsters….

  11. Abdulah Alharbi says:

    i thought they were crying when i first saw the thumbnail then i read the
    title and then i was like oh ok then

  12. Lisa Lambert says:

    so a blow job shot is essentially a Baby Guinness with cream on top of it –
    disappointing :/

  13. hafsa ayy says:

    LOL did no one else instantly think of Deadpool when the blow job shot came
    on lmaooo XD

  14. Emilia Eriksson says:

    You should make a video trying some fun shots from around the world.
    In Finland we have some really delicious ones.

    Pätkis shot
    2 cl koskenkorva minttu (strong mint liquer) + 2 cl hot chocolate + whipped

    Mummon tohveli (‘Grandmas slipper’)
    2 cl baileys + 2 cl salmiakki koskenkorva (salty liquorice liquer)

    Of course there are more shots, but these ones I myself really love 🙂 Give
    them a try :D

  15. Daphnegirl93 says:

    the guy in the white dress shirt *heart eyes

  16. thedancinglemon says:

    rico from Hannah Montana

  17. Jenay says:

    “It’s taste like Ronald McDonald cummed in my mouth”????wtf

  18. Matthew Siguenza says:


  19. sonia castaneda says:

    I like her kind of drunk, very loving. I’m too SO!

  20. 0oequinoxo0 says:

    It’s more fun to do the blow job without using your hands lol this is how
    people were meant to drink it but it got lost through times :p