Auto Crafting in Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot

Auto Crafting in Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot

In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo takes a look at the latest Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 23W42A. This Experimental Minecraft update introduces the automatic crafter into Minecraft redstone. An automatic Minecraft crafting bench that allows us to make all kinds of new redstone contraptions. Is this Minecraft update a game changer!?

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27 Responses

  1. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    Just a note on this video; The obvious uses for this block are outputs from farms and mass ‘simple’ crafting (things like iron blocks etc.)
    I wanted to get creative and get a feel for how it works. Will be releasing some videos soon on more functional pipelines!

    EDIT: Hopper update order messes with this design when re-logging mid process. I’ve fixed it using some extra circuitry, but it definitely adds some extra confusion for people making these themselves.

    • HelloHi says:


    • ShadiBoi says:

      Let me just ask (Im not as good at redstone so this might be a stupid question), why not use a comparator to track whether there is a bow in the crafter; then insert a bow? (Every time you activate the crafter and receive an output, put another bow in and THEN put all the other blocks in. Thus you can leave the cobble and redstone in the crafter). Would you not be able to just use 3 double chests (plus 2 to make bows)

    • Luke Clarke says:

      Boo 👻

    • the_block99 says:

      This will revolutionize farms with being able to make items like chains and for me especially shulker farms and bartering farms will be upgraded quickly since shulkers are good for storing stuff and you are going to need to store soooo much stuff

  2. Xinster says:

    This also means there will be automatic wood planks maker out of bamboo

  3. Gorn says:

    The kinda machines that etho, doc and other redstone gurus are going to be able to make is crazy. This block has changed the redstone game completely and i cant wait to see what mumbo and others do

    • Joey Elefteriadis says:

      Explain how it’s changed the game completely.. seriously. I wanna know

    • Kat SpicErt says:

      ​@Joey Elefteriadis it makes it to where player interaction with crafting is at an absolute minimum. It allows for remote multistage crafting, so many essential farms, big or small, will no longer need to serve as just a single “farm” but simply as modules in much more complex combo farms, with themselves being essential things to make for an even bigger system. The efficiency in time and your progress in terms of resources to further progress is now exponential because of this.

  4. David Barraza says:

    When I saw the Crafter was being added I got that little excited feeling that something cool was coming. Then I realized that Mumbo would be showing me how “it’s really quite simple,” and I got even more excited!

  5. Gibus says:

    This also seems like it’ll be amazing for automating farms, so that you can compact mass amounts of wheat into blocks before being sent into storage, or automatically making stacks on stacks of bread. Mojang really just said “Factorio moment” and it’s great.

    • Bleasure says:

      You’ll also be able to take bones from skeleton spawners and auto craft it into bonemeal to be dispensed onto crops

  6. Exachix Kitsune says:

    I am so glad to see the Mumbo journey of these items as mumbo is doing all the things I didn’t know I wanted to test (moving it, observer output) but absolutely wanted to know

  7. mrurl42 says:

    I want to see an automatic crafter crafter! You made it halfway there already!

  8. amr2002amr ™ says:

    I remember hearing them talk about it being a cool concept before but never thought the day would come where it would actually be added into vanilla minecraft aaa

    • Pedro Réquio says:

      It is like Gnembon said it is not revolution. In my opinion it is a very complex manner to craft, and because the thing takes time to fill(its not instant) you cant plug a super fast clock or zero tick to it to make it extrordinary and its by design. Also the machine you must build seems to be recipe specific, like most people are unlikely to make a machine that makes a lot of things only the ones they actually need. Even the dispense example, I am sure he could craft dispensers much faster in a crafting table however automating it means its a passive task now, of course we will see machines with multiple crafters simultaneously working but this does not seem like the kind of thing you could tile so lets see.

  9. AMPX15 says:

    Could you use this to make a code lock for a red stone door?

  10. Casey Martin says:

    I am extremely excited for more “Mumbo learning a new vanilla minecraft red stone component”video. I watched every honey block invention when they were being implemented and loved every video. Infinitely entertaining to see how these could be used.

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