Avalanche filmed GoPro Hero3+ – Snowboarding

Avalanche filmed GoPro Hero3+ – Snowboarding

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18 Responses

  1. Ben Sadikin says:

    I am curious. I snowboard too. Not an expert. But in this video when the
    snow starts to crack, HE LOOKED UP.
    At this stage meaning he was on his toe side looking up the slope which
    means he stopped. Could’ve been confused, amazed, don’t know what to do ?
    He turned back facing downhill but it was too late. Is this what actually
    happened ?

  2. xXMarsOzXx says:

    Fuck that

  3. itsLynx says:

    did u diedded

  4. PoorDummIdiots says:

    I swear the people from reddit work for the government. 

  5. CAT OVERLORD says:

    lol, don’t stop when you see bad shit happening

  6. ohbricks says:


  7. Omkar S says:

    Why didnt he scream AVALANCHE

  8. Brandi Burstein says:

    R u ok

  9. Brandi Burstein says:

    Mostly that was kinda cool 

  10. Andersonbmx says:

    Amazing video, thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, there is already some
    freebooting goin on facebook:

  11. Matt Lawless says:

    This will give you the chills. 

  12. I RISE ABOVE says:

    **ahem** he did not stop. the ground beneath him began to move at the saem
    speed as him, giving the illusion that he was stopped. as you can see, when
    he turns back around, the snow he is standing on is moving across the snow
    layer beneath it.

  13. Wyatt Brown says:

    Wow that’s terrifying! He’s lucky it wasn’t too deep! 

  14. Carloman M says:

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  15. Jeroen Breneman says:

    Lucky he didn’t die

  16. DSketti says:

    Did he die? Well at least they saved the footage!

  17. pepe pepito says:

    wipe out

  18. Dave Lawton says:

    dude as soon as you saw that huge crack open up if you had straightlined
    back to the right instead of continuing into the avalanche for several
    seconds and just staring up at it you probably could have easily got out of