‘Avengers: Endgame’ cast talks about the film’s highly-anticipated debut l GMA

‘Avengers: Endgame’ cast talks about the film’s highly-anticipated debut l GMA

With the film already expected to break box office records, the cast sits down with ABC News’ Paula Faris to discuss what fans can expect.

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77 Responses

  1. Deepesh 2000 says:

    Chris Evans is gold

  2. S. Jay says:

    I love Peter and Carol but having the OG6 for the finale interviews felt really good because I’ve spent years watching them in pairs and alone and having them together really brings it back to where it started

  3. Thanuyaa P says:

    Love Scarlett & Chris Evans

  4. S. Jay says:

    Chris Evans used satisfying to describe the ending so I’m expecting tony and pepper to walk away with their baby, Steve and Bucky to finally chill out and do old men things and Thor to run off saving space with Carol, thanks Marvel

  5. msbeast 6000 says:

    Nick: “don’t trust anyone”

    The Avengers: *look at Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland*

  6. Sayantan Das says:

    RDJ trying to stop ScaJo from giving out more! She says that various characters will be at various places

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      True that, the moment she started saying stuff like there were three units happening at the same time, but then again RDJ was just being cautious just in case ScarJo gives away too much technicalities of making this film which may give away the plot, I guess

    • Alexander Ciavarelli says:

      You mean like any Avengers movie ever?

    • Joe Cool Berry says:

      Darn I was hoping all these original avengers would be together most of the time like the first avengers

    • Rubber Ducky says:

      She said that for Infinity War during the ET interviews, I’m sure she’s calling back to that since this movie is part 2 of that.

    • Alexander Ciavarelli says:

      Joe Cool Berry endgame and infinity war were filmed at the same time

  7. Ella Tomagos says:

    Interviewer: Most of you have kids… 2:44

    *RDJ looks at Evans* 2:47
    Evans: “I’m the only one without them”

  8. The Hip Apple says:

    Scarlett’s “she’s so pretty” had me done ?

  9. ryan blake says:

    at 3:06 Hemsworth confirms they go back in time….THE WIG!

  10. Antonia says:

    “but she’s so pretty”

  11. Yuri Lee says:

    I wanted to Cry; They’ve worked together for like 10 years & it’s ending. So Beautiful to see their Friendship

    • Moon S. says:

      and they have uniform tattoos .. the original Avengers (except Ruffalo) ? .. Chris Evans’ idea ?

  12. Watto says:

    Interviewer: “How would you describe the ending?”
    Evans: “Satisfying.”
    RDJ: “Another satisfied customer who has not yet seen the product.”

    I fucking love Robert Downey Jr. ???

  13. Travis Spazz says:

    Interviewer: Because Mark can’t be trusted
    Renner: dies

  14. Henry Munn says:

    Interviewer: Who spend the most time in hair and make up??

    Scarlett : Lady Hemsworth!! Lmao
    ..and she’s so pretty . I died!!

  15. Rausan singh says:

    1:41 RDJ is stopping her to speak about the movie ?

  16. The Hh says:

    *The original Avengers!* This will be the last movie we’re going to see them together… ??

  17. ronit mehta says:

    0:36: INTERVIEWER:”It’s one of the most highly anticipated movie of all time”
    ME:It IS the most highly anticipated movie of all time

    • Lovleen says:

      +Kevin abc then what is if not endgame

    • Justin Helmuth says:

      +Lovleen depends on who you ask, that’s why the interviewer said “one of the most” as she should have

    • Nick12568 says:

      It is indeed.

    • Lil Clout says:

      +Lovleen well think about it logically, way into the future once we have all passed away theirs probably gonna be different things and different way to stir up social media/connect each other for a specific topic like a movie way easier and way faster also human population will continue to increase. Its like saying some box office records wont be broken after Avatar but they have been

    • Lil Clout says:

      +Lovleen but its probably the most anticipated movie for our time

  18. Junior Medina says:

    Evan’s, RDJ,Scarjo,Hemsworth, Renner and Ruffalo might just be greatest ensemble cast ever

  19. Useless Hands says:

    “Another satisfied customer who has not yet seen the product”
    sometimes i forget that tony stark plays rdj

  20. Joshua 2720 says:

    Evans: the ending is satisfying
    RDJ: “Sometimes I wanna punch you in your perfect teeth”

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