Avengers: Endgame – Spoiler Review

Avengers: Endgame – Spoiler Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Avengers: Endgame, starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Josh Brolin, Paul Rudd, Karen Gillan, Jeremy Renner, Brie Larson. Directed by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo.

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73 Responses

  1. J Compass says:

    I don’t know if we’ll ever see another universe crafted this well.

    • tbu987ify says:

      +Kush Patel when something hasn’t been realeased and it’s getting judged negatively because its new, this is how fandoms ruin franchises.

    • Michael Gafford says:

      Fuck this movie a waste of 3hours I want get back. O wow cap has thors hammer. Well I can just die now thank you. Bullshit worst movie 2019 endgame first place Hellboy second place

    • Akilleus says:

      Ric Sanches lol if Brie Larson is holding it up, it will be nothing even close to what we’ve seen. I could care less about her politics, she’s just not interesting or likable. I didn’t even like her in 21 Jump Street for what it’s worth.

    • stuckonyou tube says:

      Depending on how well Godzilla: King of the Monsters does, King Kong vs Godzilla could end up being pretty damn cool. MCU will always be #1 in my book.

    • Macca’s Movies says:

      paymyRent sharknado has joined your server

  2. meiltoo says:

    Robert’s performance is indeed oscar quality. I’m so impressed!!! I’m most impressed by the beginning where he thought he is dying…

    • Aaron Sanders says:

      meiltoo calm down lol

    • Constant K says:

      +Aaron Sanders I know lol, Oscar LMAO

    • TheMiscreant says:

      Lol shut the fuck up , An Oscar ? Haha Only Oscar worthy performances are by Heath ledger & Hugh Jackman.

    • Michael Deeks says:

      Heath won because he died and had no competition, the performance was great, but not Oscar worthy. Jackman’s really wasn’t either. Downey Jr. built, maintained and grew his character for eleven years, that alone should put him into consideration.

    • Jennifer Hunter says:

      +TheMiscreant I’m with you on that. Both actors took the source material and made those characters develop into more than a 2d caricature. (Sort of like Johnny Depp with the first Captain Jack Sparrow which quickly devolved into a tired trite replay of “let’s make Jack do something silly here or here”.) Logan and The Dark Knight are too of my favorite movie adaptations of comic book characters.

      I’m sure other actors are great but the problem is that often, directors and script kind of limit an actor’s ability. So it’s fantastic to see what happens when you have a good actor + good script + good director/editing. I feel sorry for the actors who get typecast into roles and are forced to do the two step shuffle front and back but rarely with the serious character development that you would wish. (Not that this is unrealistic. Even in real life, it feels like we all seem to be running on a treadmill sometimes and not evolving and progressing to better versions of ourselves. Note – not professional/financial success, but other intangible attributes.)

  3. luminousmotion says:

    So many smaller great moments. Cap saying “Hail Hydra” to get the stone without a fight, Loki stealing off with the Space Stone, Bruce seeing his old self and being embarrassed, Thor and Quill arguing for control of the ship. Such a well done movie.

    • steven gao says:

      so what is going to happen with the extra space stone now??

    • The Extra Crispy Colonel says:

      steven gao..A different timeline is made separate from the original,so who knows what happened

    • W0LFZHAZGAMING says:

      +The Extra Crispy Colonel Probably will be the reason the Loki series can happen.

    • Laurel says:

      I hope that’s true, that this is for the show.
      I also really want to see what shit Steve gets into that timeline.
      He has the idea that Bucky is alive floating around his mind and our Cap basically initiated him into HYDRA. Lol

  4. SeatecAstronomy1 says:

    My six-year-old daughter once told me that she loved me three thousand. I totally lost it when Tony signed off with that. Bravo Marvel. Thank you for the last decade and thank you for giving my six-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son their very own Star Wars (I was 6 in 1977), and thank you for giving them heroes that they can not only believe in but they can aspire to be like. It’s something very special indeed.

  5. noobslayer135 says:

    Big Lebowski Thor is my spirit animal

  6. noobslayer135 says:

    Iron Man, Cap, and Thor vs Thanos might be the new best fight scene in the MCU

  7. Kristian Price says:

    Thor’s Mom To Thor
    “And Eat A Salad” ??

  8. frank unodostres says:

    remember when y’all thought scott lang in the trailer was a skrull xD

  9. Bruce Wayne says:

    Rocket stole scenes in this film Bradley Cooper was at his best in this

  10. chim chimminey says:

    “Let me go..”
    -Natasha Romanoff

    Nobody touch meJSKDKSLA

  11. CADEN CASTLE says:

    Thor was humanised in this movie, and I love it. He looked like a badass viking in the final scene. LOVE IT!

    • Ngura Siakeng says:

      more like gimli, but nevertheless i loved it too

    • R A says:

      “I want heroes to be fat and depressed so I can feel worthy. People who got inspired by OG Thor to work out and improve their lives are oppressors. More black lesbian queens please.”

    • William Gowling says:

      R A no, they just meant that they added a new complexity to Thor that we hadn’t seen before. Literally no one said what you said. And there is nothing wrong with black people or lesbians or women, so stop whining.

  12. Rj Petrella says:

    Sam and Bucky have both been Cap in the comics, and honestly I agree with you. I’m happy Sam got the shield because I just feel that the films have set him up better for it.

  13. Aegon Targaryen says:

    The interaction between Thor and Star-Lord are fantastic, I looking forward to the Asguardians of the Galaxy.

    • marcus24000 says:

      i cant look at that word the same annymore since i found out you can see it as as-guard-dian,now all i see is ass-guard 😛

  14. Selman Hassen says:

    My best line in the movie ???

    “It was either him or a tree” – Nebula to Past Gamora

  15. Steve 0 B says:

    Chris…my dude..took his Iron Man/Tony Stark,held it up,and let out a sigh, to pay homage..that got me man..I was STUCKMANIZED!!!

  16. Theo Jones says:

    was it just me or at the beginning where they killed thanos it went so well that in the back of my mind I thought he was doing a reality illusion like in nowhere in infinity war

    • Darth Sand says:

      Same here. When Thor cut his hand off it reminded me of Gamora stabbing the fake Thanos in Infinity War.

    • rudimusawesomusmaximus says:

      That was the point. They were misleading us to believe he did the trick twice, but he was content with achieving his goal and facing death since he knew they couldn’t reverse what he did since he got rid of the stones. It was well played.

    • marcus24000 says:

      +rudimusawesomusmaximus i was thinking doesnt thanos and hulk heal fast because they do,but the damage done with the stones heals at a normal rate if it heals at all.
      thanos was just verry weakened,i wnder if he wasnt weakened if he would have fought them,even when past thanos sees his future self beeing killed he doesnt realy care he says a destiny fullfilled.

    • Mailark says:

      FUCK, i did think that

  17. Raul Torres says:

    I turned Gay for 5 seconds when I saw Captain America wielding the Mjolnir. ??

  18. Don Jon says:

    Endgame : rat saves the world

    Next marvel movie : rat raises four teenage mutant turtles

  19. Diurno MX says:

    man the fight between Black Widow and HawK Eye about their suicide was just epic

  20. baba papa says:

    so Thor will be in Guardians of The Galaxy 3 then?….

    • Jimbo says:

      Would be awesome

    • Malina Yaldo says:

      baba papa asguardians of the galaxy ?

    • Christopher says:

      baba papa That’s what I took from it! He gave his royal Asguardian role to Valkyrie. For him to be what he was supposed to be and not what people thought he should be. Exactly what his mother told him when he went back in time.

    • smily monkey says:

      Let’s hope so because that would be amazing !! It’s a movie idea that nobody ever predicted.

    • Ajay Arjoon says:

      baba papa I think it’s because of the good reception the Thor, groot and rocket had in infinity war. Also they have been movie Thor into a more comedy focused character, so why not include him in the guardians

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