Avengers: Endgame – SPOILER Talk

Avengers: Endgame – SPOILER Talk

Avengers: Endgame has arrived, so let’s delve deeper into the spoilers I couldn’t talk about before. Here’s my AVENGERS: ENDGAME – SPOILER TALK!

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77 Responses

  1. mo mj says:

    That avengers assemble scene was the best thing in movie history, couldn’t stop crying over that scene, that was truly a masterpiece

    • Kid Oblivion says:

      When everyone came back and Cap said Assemble and called Thor’s hammer I screamed like a fan girl

  2. Amardeep Grewal says:

    Captain standing alone against Thanos and his Army is the most badass shot in MCU for me

  3. AListProductions says:

    You just blew my mind making a realization. Strange tells Stark he can’t tell him if its the timeline he wins because “If I tell you it won’t happen”… Thanos in End Game “knew” he wins and gets the stones and kills them… the “inevitable”… and it didn’t work. Insanity.

  4. Travis_Redfern says:

    My new favorite movie quote is…

    “Everyone fails at who they are supposed to be. The measure of a person, a hero, is how they succeed at being who they are.”

  5. aditya .rao says:

    At first I though Captain America will go to Vormir – and confront/ fight red skull.

  6. Dan Thunder says:

    Even though Thanos is powerful, he had no chance against the brain of two SHERLOCK HOLMES

    • Kyle Ezmirly says:

      Wow, I never made that connection… that’s fantastic 😀 Also, both Watsons from the same adaptations- also in the MCU

  7. اللاعن لدين الله says:

    When cap took that hammer that was the best moment ever in all Marvel movies.

    • Felipe Carvalho says:

      +ash 101 noooo… not by a long margin. When cap hold mjolnir I legit thought I was going to have a heart attack. Seriously.

    • Felipe Carvalho says:

      Ohhh that scene was truly epic. And then that shot of him alone standing against the army… in this I even feel like Marvel kind underused it. I mean, soon after we get the “everybody is back” scene, which was great too, but OH BOY THEY SHOULD HAVE LET CAP FIGHT ALONE AGAINST THE ARMY A LITTLE BIT. Just to show us what his made of. Never giving up. Hammering those buggars like there’s no tomorrow. And then, after a little bit of this and he starts to loose ground, then we get the rescue scene…

    • Carey Locklear says:

      +FitElite240 .

    • اللاعن لدين الله says:

      +Felipe Carvalho Yeah that would’ve been EXTRA epic !!

    • Панос Gamer says:

      I hated it

  8. Awesimo says:

    It was the real Stan Lee. They filmed Infinity War and Endgame together.

  9. Marcus Falco says:

    Im huge fan of Clint, so happy he had good part in this movie.

  10. Jacco Stoete says:

    Most heartbreaking moment for me was when Ant-Man lost his taco 🙁

  11. originaozz says:

    There’s no post credit scene, but there was a post credit sound though! That sound pays tribute to Tony Stark & MCU perfectly.

  12. kcmn00 says:

    The ending with Captain America and Peggy Carter was so beautiful, till I remember he kissed her niece. That conversation must’ve gone down well.

  13. shenika says:

    Ironman 2008” I never got goodbye to my dad”
    Endgame 2019 Tony got to say goodbye to his father and thank him.

  14. Techno3601 says:

    I still think Bucky should be captain America, but Atleast if falcon is he can be captain falcon.

    • Flores Brianna says:

      in the comics, that’s how it happens

    • midnighteye says:

      I’m actually hoping to see Bucky as Nomad.

    • James Joseph says:

      I actually prefer Falcon as the new Cap. He fanboys hard over Cap in Winter Soldier, and he’s by his side from then on (all thru Civil War and the time when they’re fugitives between Civil War and Infinity War). Also Falcon is just a regular guy…no enhancements, and he’s taking on some heavy hitters. So once he’s enhanced (Black Panther potion, maybe) he’ll become pretty damn powerful. Plus Bucky would always worry me about having his mind taken over again.

  15. Luke McDonnell says:

    Black widow and Hawkeye argue to see who kills themselves lol

  16. Honestly I Dislike Mushrooms says:

    I can’t believe they managed to reference hydra cap from the comics

  17. Shot in the Heart says:

    The Hail Hydra scene was a brilliant piece of writing

    • Nitpicking Arsehole says:

      It’s was soooooo good. I doubt Nietzsche could have done better. Jesus, I weep for the future.

    • Lazypackmule says:

      It was really satisfying
      Especially considering they had Steve Rogers unironically be a hydra agent in the comics recently, and him saying that pissed EVERYONE off, so this was an amazing and perfectly fitting inversion of that

    • Ridhuan Abu Bakar says:

      That was the funniest scebe for me. They just gave Cap the briefcase in shock ???

    • TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83 says:


  18. Shot in the Heart says:

    I just realized… The whole world was saved by a “mouse”. Disney is gonna dominate everything

  19. MyBean says:

    For anyone who didnt watch Endgame, here is a good summary
    Thor is dummy thicc and Korg plays Fortnite

  20. Easton Wesley says:

    I hated that hulk didn’t have a proper showdown with thanos after infinity war but oh well it was great!

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