Avengers Endgame Thanos Battle NEW EASTER EGGS Revealed!

Avengers Endgame Thanos Battle NEW EASTER EGGS Revealed!

Avengers Endgame Digital Release REWATCH! What new Easter Eggs and hidden details have been discovered in the Endgame final battle as the Avengers fight Thanos? Is Thanos WORTHY of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir? Does Gwen Stacy aka Spider-Gwen cameo in the Endgame final scene with Spider-Man? Erik Voss rewatches the Endgame final battle frame by frame for all the interesting details you might have overlooked the first time. What subtle team-up moves and MCU callbacks were hidden in the background of the Endgame Thanos battle? How do the final breaths of Thanos and his Black Order reflect the final shots of Infinity War? And what the hell is Spider-Man swinging from in the final charge against Thanos’ forces?

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Producer: Erik Voss

Producer: Zach Huddleston
Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina http://www.twitter.com/filupmolina
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Editors: Joshua Hurd, Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión
Music: “Sci Fi” from Bensound.com

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106 Responses

  1. NoobMaster 69 says:

    You don’t have to be worthy to wield storm breaker

    • Klint Karas says:

      @Kenny this is why i like the origin that it is a sentient storm sealed inside the hammer that can choose who to help.

    • RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles says:

      But you have to be very strong so your mind doesn’t go into madness and melt like when he told Rocket! :^) Since it’s a Thanos killing weapon Thanos is strong enough to wield it.

    • Umar says:

      Yeah Groot wielded it in Infinity War!

    • Kneeckie says:

      Yes, I’ve been looking for this comment

    • †ooli C says:

      @Umar yep! Plus the hammers enchantment gives you *the power of thor* but not his strength so you can summon magic objects by will and use them like Cap did with both weapons

  2. Michael Myers says:

    Oh boy I love the Easter eggs to avengers infinity war, avengers age of ultron, guardians of the galaxy and guardians of the galaxy vol.2

  3. Nic Helms says:

    In a recent interview joe Russo has confirmed that thanos’ double edged sword is a tribute to the comics and thanos’ helicopter blades

    • Rigatoni Pasta says:

      I always thought it was a fidget spinner tbh.

    • NubberBlubber says:

      T H A N O S C O P T E R

    • E Joseph Campbell says:

      Rigatoni Pasta It can be both. They should’ve had a scene when he was sitting there (before the heroes arrived) and he just shrugs and starts spinning it and balancing it on his finger and stuff. Then in the battle they should’ve shown his flying around with it.

    • Tyrik Flood-Feaster says:

      @E Joseph Campbell Wouldnt the prsent version( Present Thanos’s version) of the Sword still exist?

    • Mabel Byrnes says:

      @Tyrik Flood-Feaster he stopped using it once eitri made him the gauntlet

  4. duncan donuts says:

    I legit just noticed at 3:02 that Scott immediately turns small after impact

  5. Mathias Krejsler says:

    Also, Black Panther at one point asks Hawkeye for the gauntlet saying his name, which is a small nod to the time in civil war when Hawkeye says “I’m Clint” and Black Panther says ” I don’t care”

  6. Christian Harris says:

    When Avengers: Endgame is released digitally:
    I see this as an absolute win!

  7. Преско Иванов says:

    In infinity War Thanos doesn’t tried to kill anybody to let the gauntlet decide who lives.
    But in Endgame it went personal.

    • Woody 8 says:

      Joseph Andrei Castillejo because he realized he was threat cause he made him bleed unlike no one else besides Thor but the deed was done then

    • Thea Lee says:

      Yeah 2018 Thanos would just kill those who will get on his way to achieve all the infinity stones

    • Quin says:

      Example Test Loki was personal lmao

    • Marvel Fandom says:

      Oh crap thanks for telling us how the movie goes! The teachers will give you a gold star ⭐️ for understanding the movie.

    • Benji Sun says:

      in Infinity War, Thanos had to sacrifice the daughter he genuinely love to retrieve the soul stone. that did take a huge toll on him, despite many people don’t think he is redeemable or has a heart. the 2014 Thanos is still egotistical above all else.

  8. Jugg YT says:

    Thanos 2014 wants to destroy everything
    Thanos 2018 wants to give balance
    Guess you can call it a *phase*

  9. New Rockstars says:

    Erik here! Another reason Thanos lifting Stormbreaker doesn’t make him “worthy” — Odin’s charm only applied to Mjolnir. Thus, my conclusion from that point remains the same: Thanos lifting Stormbreaker does not make him worthy of anything.

  10. Supoz'It War says:

    Scott Lang has orange slices ready for when Clint returns from the test run

  11. HaunShotFirst says:

    Just try not to be in too much pain during your rewatch when you see the kid look directly in the camera in the Prof Hulk diner scene ?

  12. Vladimir Kozgrove says:

    “Dont Tell Sony”
    Sony: Delete This Right Now

  13. Colonel Kernel says:

    I would like to see a friendship between Drax and Korg.

  14. BSJ IN YO HOUSE says:

    Me: So how many easter eggs does this movie have?
    Marvel: Yes.

  15. Christopher Green says:

    Everybody always forgets how Cap was ready to throw hands with Thano’s whole army by himself.

  16. Volk Aus says:

    Hank Pym dusts off a suit and is part of the fight. There two ant men explained.

  17. Phoenix Lindstrom says:

    Corvus glaive and proxima midnight are both children of thanos, yet married


  18. BigWangersInc. says:

    Hope: Cmon we gotta fix this van, it’s our only chance

    Scott: loOk aT thE sIze oF tHat wOrm

    • Cedric Antoine says:

      Maybe it was trying to attack them when they were trying to set up the van and he just got big to shove it away

  19. zeroman626 says:

    Cap throwing Mjolnir and his shield to create the shock-wave was actually from the first Avengers, during Cap Vs Thor.

  20. Humanoid 17 says:

    Cap probably played with mjohnir when Thor was sleeping because no way he could master all those tricks…

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