Avengers: Infinity War – Movie Review

Avengers: Infinity War – Movie Review

The culmination of the past 10 years of MCU build is here! Thanos wants to get some rocks, so let’s review AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR!

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89 Responses

  1. Jeremy Jahns says:

    Some dick bags have already taken it upon themselves to post spoilers in the comment section. I suggest not commenting below until you’ve seen the movie. Sorry I didn’t think of this when filming the video. My faith in humanity once again bites me in the ass.

  2. vik saggu says:

    Josh Brolin played a CGI character? NOT Andy Serkis????

  3. BOOMBAYAH says:

    Wth you gave ultron awesometacular and this blueray?!

  4. Eli Tube says:

    Anybody notice Jeremy doesn’t give many awesometaculars anymore

  5. David Qiu says:

    Loki, Iron man, and Vision dies.

    Spiderman becomes an actual spider.

    Ends with Deadpool making a joke about Thanos and Cable.

  6. Mark Hazleton says:

    Hail Thanos

  7. Buda Yen says:

    I was told by someone that Kratos is in this movie.

  8. sand vich says:



  9. Jane Hervilla says:


  10. M&J GoodVibes says:

    *SPOILER’S* *ALERT* ❗❗

    Thanos is in Infinity War…. Confirmed

    Thank me later…. 👏

  11. Joe Doggerson says:

    Can we stop saying Marvel has a villain problem already? I’m tired of rolling my eyes constantly..
    The last 5 MCU villains have been *great* & Thanos is clearly the 6th great villain in a row. So everyone really needs to hop off that dead bandwagon.

    • Allah randi ka bacha says:

      Even ULTRON was fine
      Nd loki!! We all know he is one of greatest villians of all time
      Nd people saying no character development of loki!!? From a villian to anti hero !!how much more character development u want??
      Like vegeta from villian to anti hero

    • The Movie Guide says:

      Matt Miller Vulture from Spider-Man Homecoming was up there with Killmonger

    • AguilarKillswitch says:

      ThatGuyGuy Nah Thanos is a ripoff of Darkseid

    • Julio Paz says:

      Ego and hela and vulture are NOT good villains.

    • Iñigo Sebastian Cas says:

      ThatGuyGuy umm.. sorry to burst your bubbles but thanos came first.

  12. Sovann T says:

    Thanos is pretty much dealing with over population. In his own way of course

    • Name says:

      Sovann T Agreed i actually did see his motivation and i kind of agreed with him (Too some extension)

    • simon köhlström says:

      “Hmm, let’s see. Responsible resource management or a snap of my fingers…”


    • ATBPjako says:

      He just copied Hitler, the only difference is he did it randomly. Hitler selected who will be purged.

    • Perfect Death says:

      you know if he can really do anything with the infinity gauntlet, couldn’t he, somehow, with all of the stones combined, just make an infinite amount of resources? like, i dunno, create lush and farmable planets?

  13. Jacob Molyneux says:

    jeremy, i advise you to disable the comment section so no one is spoiled

    • Django says:

      Jacob Molyneux why would he do dat retard, you can just not look at the comments, he already put spoiler warning in his pinned comment

    • Jacob Molyneux says:

      Django lol don’t call me a retard. i already saw it today, first session, first day. I saw it before his review. I didn’t get spoiled, I’m talking about who haven’t seen it yet. As for why would he do that? to ensure people won’t get spoiled retard, because sometimes looking at the comments is too tempting. I take it you are one of those assholes who spoils the movie for everyone.

    • Jacob Molyneux says:

      Django so is there is no need to be a douchebag, unless you really are a douchebag, then I’m sorry you can’t help being one.

  14. J Tevo says:

    This ‘Marvel has weak villains’ is an old line at this point. We’ve had The Vulture, Red Skull Loki, Killmonger, Winter Soldier, Zemo, Ultron (I thought was good, but could have been a bit more viscous).

    When they’re bad, they’re pretty bad, (e.g. Yellow Jacket), but for the most part, Marvel villains aren’t weak. It’s just become a generic line in every reviewers hand book at this point.

    • zack19192 says:

      Ultron, Zemo, Red Skull, and Vulture and not good villains. Winter Soldier was not a villain since he was brainwashed so Loki and Killmonger are the only decent villains on your list.

    • J Tevo says:

      I’d have to disagree, I think all the ones I listed have merits and are good villains (Ultron is debatable). Vulture was a man that had been wronged, yet like every walk in life, there are multiple ways of dealing with that. He believed to support his family, the best thing to do was to only take from those who he’d believed, to have taken from him. He wasn’t inherently evil, shown by not giving up Peter at the end. He simply wanted the best for his family, but chose the wrong path to do so, getting greedy with his actions.

      Red Skull was a Nazi that became enthralled by the idea of mythology, the power of which he could gain. Only to be encouraged by others (Hitler) in these practises. The evil centred and with the serum, had this enhanced, to a inhumanly level.

      Loki has had serious development, from how he felt like an outcast, therefore attempting to gain the approval of all. And in later movies showing that he does have spots of ‘goodness’ yet due to seeing the world as he did, when he was younger, that’s affected his mental state and how he acts later in life, therefore leading to the continuous string of mischievous deeds.
      Plus saying he was brainwashed doesn’t make him not a villain. He was that murderous assassin for 50+ years, the majority of his time on earth was doing horrendous acts. Is he completely responsible, no, but is he completely absolvent, no.

      These all have parallels on a basic level, to how people could become wrong doers in the real world. Whilst as a yellow jacket and the Mandarin, are seemingly ridiculous to how they would become murders under their situations/duress moments.

      Again, just a personal opinion.

    • Magicman205 says:

      Ignoring the fact that 4 of the six villains you’ve mentioned actually suck, you’ve listed six villains out of the nearly 20 movies that exist. Yes, the newer villains have been a bit more interesting, sure, but you can’t say that claiming Marvel has weak villains isn’t accurate anymore when more than half of your villains do indeed suck.

    • MasterPlanPenguin says:

      Magicman205 this right here. The comments I see defending marvel villains are absurd. Just because they seem to have gotten their shit together with the last couple of villains doesn’t counteract they have had a whole slew of bad/meh ones before that.

      19 movies and we have about 3-4 villains from that who are solid villains and awesome. Besides that it’s been mostly meh to bad.

      This isn’t a bandwagon people are jumping on, it’s just been the marvel pattern. Meh villains but entertaining movies and great heroes.

  15. Guitarslayer 77 says:

    Holy shit I just got back from seeing it. So many mixed emotions I don’t know how to compose myself

  16. Sheer Ice an' Cold says:

    Great movie, loved basically every scene. Thor was my personal favourite. Wish Captain America had a few more scenes but still satisfied with it. 🙂

  17. Adderz B says:

    I’m seeing it on Friday!! Can Not Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ansuman Deep says:

    Spoiler Alert!!!!

    Stan Lee kills Thanos with a SLAP 😂😂😂

  19. p.s.s. santosh says:

    Best reviewer for a movie…..just perfect…👍❤️

  20. Gabrial cherian says:

    Did anyone see Jeremy’s pinned comment and all the warning comments about spoilers, but still got tempted and scrolled down anyway and saw the spoilers and now regrets it?

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