Average Andy, Chrissy Teigen and Her Mom Go Through a Haunted House

Average Andy, Chrissy Teigen and Her Mom Go Through a Haunted House

Since one time through a haunted house isn’t enough, Ellen sent her Executive Producer Andy and Chrissy Teigen to another one, and this time they were joined by Chrissy’s mom, Vilailuck!


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59 Responses

  1. Tyra's World says:

    Who’s here before Ellen disables comments?

  2. nurin syaza says:

    Omg never been this early for an ellen video!

  3. Atia Tobing says:

    I like that ellen uploaded this at midnight (in my country) and i was about to sleep…. sleep? i don’t know her. This video is everything i wanted in my life i don’t care if it’s november already

  4. Willy's Toys says:

    Can i get a like before Ellen disables comments, LOL

  5. KiannaOshun says:

    Andy- “Come on Moma” 😂💀😂

  6. Kaitlyn Denton says:

    It would be hilarious if she sent Andy through a haunted maze and nothing jumped out at him so he’s just anticipating it the whole time.

  7. Claudia Ivy says:

    Andy should go with Kevin Hart into a haunted house!!!

  8. Peek Aboo says:

    Her mom is gorgeous

    Can’t wait for part three with *John legend*

  9. Nisha K says:

    Says “I got your back” and proceeds to hide behind her back. Classic Andy. o_O

  10. Mai Ho says:

    Guess we’ll have to wait another year for both Andy and Kalen in the same haunted house 😇😬

    Sidenote: Chrissy’s mum is gorgeous!

  11. RelaxWithReena says:

    These are the best videos!!! I just can’t with Andy lol 😂😂😂😂👍

  12. Ashe U says:

    I really want to see kalen and Andy!! Dream team for a haunted house! 😂😂

  13. Luizudo says:

    I can’t believe he used Momma Teigen as a human shield.

  14. Vansh Choudhary says:

    I love andy making the rules.

  15. Jeremy Buenviaje says:

    Kevin Hart and Andy 2019 Haunted House!!!!

  16. mano says:

    *”Is that kendall Jenner **2:22**”* 😂😂

  17. Jala Jo Godbolt says:

    What’s funny is Chrissy isn’t even phased by it really and her mom is just laughing at everything. Andy is the only one that’s actually really scared. 😂😂

  18. Donna G says:

    Loved this,i would of loved to have done this.

  19. Donna G says:

    Ellen loves our feedback Scotland loves you, we salute you

  20. Sara Sara says:

    We need sofia veregara and ellen in a haunted house

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