Avery crushes huge bass on barbie pole!

Avery crushes huge bass on barbie pole!

Avery excited about 5 pound bass

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20 Responses

  1. FearedByKittens says:

    The suspense!

  2. Karen Worland says:

    Adorable!!! Also awesome to see a kid being a kid. Way to crush parenting!!

  3. Hellenq2 says:

    Congratulations! Your video brought me lot’s of joy :)

  4. Yong Lee says:

    Too bad you don’t know how to film.

  5. Sam McNeil says:


  6. TazeMeBro McCleskey says:

    The nerve of people complaining about vertical videos. It’s like an inside
    joke right? It’s the dumbest fucking circle-jerk. Annoying as fuck.

  7. peterpanmannnn says:

    And this is how you let an animal suffocate to death! Yay! Dude, kill it or
    throw it back or put it in water, you don’t just lay it there.

  8. Anhjje says:

    Fucking stupid video, ugly kid and inbred cunt father teaching kids how to
    kill animals. Good riddance dickbreath. Fuck you and fuck your kid

  9. Joshua Moore says:

    This made me smile ^-^

  10. NismoTj says:

    she’ll probably cheer that much at the minute marker in a year or two when
    she’s getting fucked

  11. Sadistic Seven Gaming says:

    That’s so cute!. But is that Barbie fishing rod even Stat Trak Tho?.

  12. Vor Pike says:

    5lb? nah, also, watch it flip back into the water

  13. hectro805 says:

    34000 views at time of watching

  14. aidan wood says:

    Holy crap that was impressive.

  15. TheRottweiler says:

    her smile is sooo cute – a litte sunshine

  16. Wicke Danneh says:

    Awesome kid

  17. ryan lame says:


  18. Henrik Jönsson says:

    OH my gosh!

  19. TokyoMystify says:

    I can hear the fish screaming in agony, his life flashing by lol

  20. MrIan113 says:

    Point one: Dude, vertical recording. Seriously.
    Point two: Fuck, yeah! Feminism!
    Point three: Cool video! Great parenting moment!