AVGN: Bad Game Cover Art #2 – Mega Man (NES)

AVGN: Bad Game Cover Art #2 – Mega Man (NES)

AVGN has an Advent Calendar of Ass! Step into the art gallery as we examine some of the worst video game cover artwork, each day until Christmas! Today’s bad game cover critique – Mega Man on NES!

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20 Responses

  1. Maverick Mustaine says:

    Fucking like this cover

  2. Eric Schell says:

    Such a great game for such a bad cover. Capcom at the time definitely
    needed someone like the artist that Konami had.

  3. Starscream Prime says:

    fuck off asshole, some people can only afford dollar store materials”

  4. JediHunter says:

    I will always and forever see the Mega Man box art as an example of how
    shitty I could be, how shitty life can be. So when things get tough, I
    think to myself; “It can always be worse” * Looks at Mega Man covers*

  5. Leshyster says:

    Liking these, feels like the OLD NERD SO FAR

  6. Bob Snob says:

    ico, the US version

  7. Walter Junior Gamer says:


  8. Francisco Arellano says:

    dollar store color pencils hahaha

  9. JDB Creations says:

    Has the Angry Videogame Nerd turned into the Overly-Analytical Videogame

  10. TheMoogleMaster says:

    What’s with the pinball bumpers, and why does Crash Man look like the Scout
    from Team Fortress 2? Such bad art.

  11. Sean W. Stewart says:

    Probably the most infamous examples of bad cover art. XD
    Mega Man 9’s art is still awesome though

  12. etherraichu says:

    My favorite part about the Mega Man 2 cover is that it clearly depicts
    stages from Mega Man 1.

  13. George Hovhannisian says:

    I really, really doubt anyone but James can say “radioactive asses” and
    sound so utterly serious….

  14. Chaospp says:

    the European mega man one cover looks really good imo

  15. 01 Asztronauta says:

    I always thought the original Mega Man cover looked like it was made by a
    pre-pubescent Rob Liefeld.

  16. Jeremy McElwrarth says:

    If you enjoy shitty art getting torn appart with hilarious commentary,
    +FridgeArt has some really entertaining videos, although it’s not game

  17. SERO | セロ | Horror Games und Mehr says:

    Oh no. Really bad covers, for a really good game series.

  18. Christopher Rowe says:

    the background is kinda cool..

  19. thmalex says:

    The box art of Japanese version is much better

  20. ThePlayers says:

    What’s next James?
    Battlefield 4?

    *Grabs Popcorn*