Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water (Lyric Video)

Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water (Lyric Video)

Head Above Water available now: https://avrillavigne.lnk.to/HeadAboveWaterID

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Visit http://www.TheAvrilLavigneFoundation.org

Video Created by: Jonah Best
Produced by: Magic Seed Productions

I’ve gotta keep the calm before the storm
I don’t want less
I don’t want more
Must bar the windows and the doors
To keep me safe to keep me warm

Yeah my life is what I’m fighting for
Can’t part the sea
Can’t reach the shore
And my voice becomes the driving force
I won’t let this pull me overboard

God keep my head above water
Don’t let me drown
It gets harder
I’ll meet you there at the altar
As I fall down to my knees
Don’t let me drown
Don’t let me drown

So pull me up from down below
‘Cause I’m underneath the undertow
Come dry me off and hold me close
I need you now I need you most

God keep my head above water
Don’t let me drown
It gets harder
I’ll meet you there at the altar
As I fall down to my knees
Don’t let me drown
Don’t let me drown
Don’t let me drown
Keep my head above water above water

And I can’t see in the stormy weather
I can’t seem to keep it all together
And I can’t swim the ocean like this forever
And I can’t breathe

God keep my head above water
I lose my breath at the bottom
Come rescue me
I’ll be waiting
I’m too young to fall asleep

God keep my head above water
Don’t let me drown
It gets harder
I’ll meet you there at the altar
As I fall down to my knees
Don’t let me drown
Don’t let me drown
Don’t let me drown
Keep my head above water above water

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37 Responses

  1. Loi Phu says:

    Years have passed, still here supporting you Avril! Can’t wait for the album release, your music will always be best.

  2. Dave Mack says:

    After my families own struggles with lyme and losing my mother to it this year. This brought tears to my eyes. Glad to see you back on your feet! Welcome to the other side of lyme & Co. We really do get better, if we just don’t give up!

  3. Erin GoBragh says:

    I have Chronic Lyme Disease and I just want to say thank you.

  4. Mike Butcher says:

    not sure who will read this but it’s amazing and welcome back! What a song – to be able to write this great song, while going through what you’ve been going through is so inspiring to me and many others. Bring on the next chapter x

  5. Priscila Duarte Morais says:

    N° 1 da minha playlist em 3,2,1…
    Muito amor por vc Avril! 😘😍

    Um Hino! Verdadeiramente! 🤗

  6. Ramom Back says:

    É hino que você quer? Então toma!

  7. taisynha tv says:

    Amei essa musica ainda mais falando em Deus

  8. Ana Rossoni says:

    Vem quebrar o YouTube, Rainha ❤️🇧🇷

  9. Wesley Schwenck says:

    Eu amei essa música. Chorei inclusive. Acho que vai marcar parte da minha vida que tá tão complicada. Obrigado Avril ❤

  10. Sam de Riv says:

    Brought tears to my eyes, I missed her so much, and here she is, the one and only Avril Lavigne ✌️🖤🤘

  11. Bradley Williams says:

    (Sorry for the paragrapgh)
    So i mainly listen to metal. But after reading her story about the past couple of years i needed to hear this song.even though this isnt my cup of tea anymore, EVERYONE needs to hear this. She went through a lot physically, mentally and is doing a lot for others by starting a foundation. Shes also making this music to help people heal.

    I really wish her the best and thank you for making an emotionally impactful song. Truely glad i gave this a chance because its really good. Its a song all can relate to. We have all been through things whether physical or mentally traumatizing that made us feel “under water”. Such a good song and hope all can enjoy it and find hope in it.

    • Synnisa Gates says:

      I listen to mostly metal music too, but Avril Lavigne will always be my favorite female musician. She has inspired me a lot. Though I prefer her punk rock era. I still love her so much, and the rest of her music. Literally my #1 female influence on singing.

    • Bradley Williams says:

      +Synnisa Gates we live in an age where meanings for songs dont mean anything. Cuz all people want is repetitive beat with party/feel good lyrics. But this song truely embodies what she was going through. This was her first song writing while dealing with Lyme disease and it shows. The lyrics are both honest and inspiring. Thats what we need more of. Im tired of trends. More music made like this actually benefit others. You can simply hear it in her voice. I will recommend this songvto everyone going through a tough time.

    • Synnisa Gates says:

      +Bradley Williams I know right? She’s really amazing. Truly an inspiration.

    • Synnisa Gates says:

      And I really agree with you too. I wish more people could realize the meaning behind a song and not just listen to the nowadays boring music with a few lyrics and too much repeats and boring beats.

  12. Fantástico Fantasia says:

    Avril Lavigne, Imagine Dragons…… os melhores lançando músicas hoje <3<3<3

  13. Pedro Rosa Dos Reis says:

    Cara! Essa música é tudo o que eu precisava. Que letra linda❤

  14. Igor Marquex says:

    #9 in Brazil.💚💛

  15. Mav Llavan says:

    Black Stars our Queen Avril is back.

  16. Megan Jacobs says:

    This song really hits home, I too been fighting with Lyme Disease and it’s really debilitating. 🙁

  17. Sacred Kyle says:

    wtf is wrong with people! This is a masterpiece it deserves more

  18. Rajan Gaul says:

    This song deserves more than billion views !👍

  19. Daria Kosch says:

    Hey Avril, we’re happy to have you back🙂 I know it’s been a tough period for you but congrats for this wonderful and succesful song you had wrote. Love you! XoXo💋

  20. Mandy Luz says:

    Gente, essa música é simplesmente maravilhosa 🙌💞

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