Awaken the Force Within

Awaken the Force Within

Awaken the Force within you and your Google apps will follow your path. #ChooseYourSide


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20 Responses

  1. Gary Chen says:

    this is a win-win endorsement, Disney just hit the jackpot.

  2. A L E K S A N D E R - S M I R N O W says:

    У нас свои фильмы есть – “Человек с ружьём ” , ” Королева бензоколонки ” ,
    и “Трактористы ” , а если понадобится , то и “Броненосец Потёмкин ” еще
    даст залп по вашему Голливуду …

  3. Mikko Biboso says:

    light Side is boring , I’ll choose the Dark Side hahhahaa

  4. Jason Zemek says:

    grey is best of both!

  5. Johnpaul Chang says:

    fu*ck star wars and star strek

  6. spinvalve says:

    23rd shade of gray please. Thanks much.

  7. Budi saja says:


  8. ilker yoldas says:

    Darth Jar Jar

  9. Rich Morris says:

    Dark side all the time

  10. Israel ;) says:

    The watching the movie side.

  11. Nugenrules says:

    I kept thinking my player’s user interface was popping up so I kept hitting
    the screen to make it go away…

  12. Vinnie Sims says:

    Not a bad video… :)

  13. Darth Plagueis says:

    You all know the darkside wins in the end.

  14. Jeek Plays says:

    The medium side. Don’t be racist. GAWD.

  15. HorribleSonofa says:

    I want to be in the shade

  16. Mrilakum says:

    Dark side is best side

  17. Rico Gade says:

    Choose wisely!

  18. shrish MV says:

    The dark side ….. dark side iz cool

  19. Conor Porteous says:

    I’m going to the Dark side…they have cookies apparently. I chose wisely.

  20. Denys Almaral says:

    I chose the the Green side. Since I don’t care about Stars Wars.