Awesome Straw Hacks

Awesome Straw Hacks

Take those extra drinking straws and put ’em to work! Make a liquid dispenser, tidy up your cables and even seal up a bag. Check it out!
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20 Responses

  1. Arson H2O Delirious Fan says:

    Turning 13 today, Can I have 13 likes plz?

  2. Tyler S. says:

    This is so extra

  3. MerAngel12121 says:

    Liked using the straws to close the marshmallow bag and coding your wires
    and cables. My husband liked the cable coding and razor covers the best. :
    ) Thanks

  4. Catalyst - Agario & More says:

    2:11 Why would I care to cut my pubic hairs on the road?

  5. Lantz Sensi (ALTS host) says:

    Pretty nifty stufd

  6. Two Ki says:

    That sparkling water nasty asf

  7. Christopher A Productions says:

    your dog is really cute

  8. BlackMill says:

    The first half is so pointless

  9. Rhys Khetani says:

    Pretty cool huh.

  10. Davíð Árni Guðmundsson says:

    there is nothing better than a nice burnt taste of plastic with the good
    ol’ honey

  11. Kk222HaHa3 says:

    A lot of people are saying the honey one is stupid because you could just
    pour the honey into the cup. But hello, this is a portable one use package!
    If you don’t want to take a whole bottle camping or to work you can just
    take a tiny portable bit of honey.

  12. King Of Tacos says:

    Who the hell puts honey in there coffee

  13. Ja Powey says:

    Id rather buy 5 honey sticks for a dollar

  14. Jack Mchugh says:


  15. robertjames12 says:

    None of these are useful

  16. JackNet Productions says:

    Did FrostyBrain leave? Or is this guy another guy from the network along
    with FrostyBrain?

  17. Asterisk says:

    1 of the 10 in trending

  18. Cindy Rowe says:

    Are you left handed?

  19. OM G says:

    Another hack:
    Use a straw to pick out a hairball out of the shower drain.

  20. mmiguy2306 says:

    the chemicals produced by melting the cheap plastic is probably not a good
    idea to infuse into your honey or whatever else you put in there